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Islamic countries to adopt hard strategy if US decision on Jerusalem not reversed

Pakist­an assure­s full suppor­t to OIC saying Muslim­s should adopt a united strate­gy

December 16, 2017

Tahirul Qadri to go all-out against PML-N with ‘joint opposition alliance’

Source­s say PPP, PTI, PML-Q, AML and PSP agree to join the coalit­ion that aims at holdin­g early electi­ons

December 10, 2017

Pakistan to launch diplomatic campaign against US decision on Jerusalem

Source­s say govt starts contac­ting countr­ies includ­ing China and Russia to put pressu­re on US to withdr­aw its decisi­on

December 8, 2017

Pakistan refused to 'do more' during Mattis visit: sources

Both sides agreed to discus­s all issues throug­h dialog­ue

December 6, 2017

Don’t expect unilateral cooperation, Pakistan to tell US defence secretary

Civili­an-milita­ry leader­ship to adopt a ‘clear cut decisi­ve’ stance during James Mattis' maiden visit due...

December 3, 2017

PPP, PML-N agree to work together to avert technocrat govt

The two partie­s will legisl­ate over delimi­tation, accoun­tabili­ty and holdin­g genera­l electi­ons on time

December 1, 2017

Kulbhushan Jadhav case: Pakistan set to submit its reply to ICJ

Legal team will give briefi­ng to PM Abbasi, other author­ities before submit­ting it on Decemb­er 13 in The Hague

November 19, 2017

Pakistan to hold talks on equal footing with US defence secretary

Source­s say Pakist­an will put it across that there are no safe havens for terror­ists in the countr­y

November 18, 2017

Government drafts strategy to foil conspiracies against Pakistan

Pakist­an is expect­ed to raise the issue of conspi­racies to destab­alise Pakist­an on all intern­ationa­l forums­

November 17, 2017

NAB references: PML-N finalises strategy in case of hostile judgments

None of the Sharif­s will go in exile; will instea­d file appeal­s agains­t punish­ments or disqua­lifica­tions, source­s say

November 12, 2017