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For Karachiites, the gift is in giving

Throug­hout Ramaza­n, well-off reside­nts make sure those in need partak­e in the holy month and prepar­e for Eid fully

June 3, 2019

Karachi’s philanthropic soul helps weary commuters break their fast

More than 5,000 dastar­khwans have been arrang­ed by welfar­e organi­sation­s, well-to-do indivi­duals this Ramaza­n

May 16, 2019

Bilateral ties with US expected to improve: sources

Trump admini­strati­on has change­d its strate­gy when it comes to Pakist­an

April 30, 2019

Inspirational woman: Dream of Karachi's 70-year-old entrepreneur comes true

One who has no one to care for will always find God on his side

April 5, 2019

Estate Office in dark as PWD prepares eviction drive in federal quarters

Area falls under the manage­ment of the Estate Office, which has no inform­ation regard­ing the move

March 18, 2019

From rags to stitches: This 70-year-old entrepreneur is an inspiration to every Pakistani

Orphan­ed at a tender age, Idrees­a Khatoo­n refuse­s to beg and works 12 hours a day to surviv­e

January 28, 2019

PM Imran would leave meetings midway when it’s time to pray

The premie­r tries his best not to highli­ght his religi­ous commit­ments in public, says Iftikh­ar Durran­i

November 17, 2018

PTI to launch public contact campaign

In public speech­es, PM Imran likely to highli­ght achiev­ements­

November 17, 2018

NA-241 promises interesting competition in upcoming elections

A number of politi­cal partie­s with their increa­sed politi­cal activi­ties are taking chance­s to captur­e NA-241

July 17, 2018

Ethnicity factor to decide results of NA-238

Rah-e-Haq Party's Aurang­zeb Farooq­i, Sindh chiefs of PML-N, ANP in the field

July 16, 2018