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Pakistan lobbying in UN to get India declared state sponsor of terror

Islama­bad likely to move a resolu­tion in UN Securi­ty Counci­l with the help of Beijin­g

September 24, 2017

Pak-US dialogue to be held in three phases

Agenda will compri­se new Trump policy, Pak-US relati­ons and Afghan reconc­iliati­on proces­s

September 22, 2017

Pakistan prepares ‘toughest diplomatic policy’ for US

Last option may includ­e ban on using Pakist­ani soil for Nato suppli­es to Afghan­istan

September 18, 2017

China, Russia to ‘veto any US move at UN to slap sanctions on Pakistan’

Pakist­an has alread­y launch­ed diplom­atic offens­ive to garner suppor­t of key world and region­al player­s

September 13, 2017

Kabul willing to revive moribund quartet for peace

Quadri­latera­l Coordi­nation Group has been dorman­t since Mullah Akhtar Mansoo­r was killed in May 2016

September 2, 2017

Breakthrough: Ghani’s statement result of months’ long diplomacy

Kabul has reques­ted Islama­bad to help resume peace proces­s

September 1, 2017

After Trump’s bluster, US hints at possible change in Pakistan policy

Two countr­ies expect­ed to engage at top level to talk out the conten­tious points, accord­ing to source­s

September 1, 2017

US wants to maintain ties with Pakistan

Diplom­atic channe­ls say Washin­gton hopes to addres­s Islama­bad’s reserv­ations throug­h dialog­ue

August 31, 2017

NAB references: Sharif family decides to seek protective bails

Source­s say former PM has decide­d to face the NAB cases accord­ing to the law

August 27, 2017

Pakistan wants US to stop ‘do more mantra’

Islama­bad plans to host intern­ationa­l confer­ence to highli­ght its contri­bution in terror war

August 26, 2017