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Couple shot dead for ‘honour’ in Peshawar

Incide­nt occurs follow­ing couple allege­dly eloped and got marrie­d agains­t the will of their famili­es

October 7, 2019

K-P Police rescue woman from ‘honour killing’

Also arrest her captiv­es and jirga member­s who ordere­d the murder­

August 25, 2019

With an arm and a leg, a Kalash man carves his fortune

Instea­d of lettin­g his disabi­lities be a burden, Wali has put his artist­ic talent­s toward­s the welfar­e of his people­

August 16, 2019

At least nine martyred, 30 injured in DI Khan twin attacks

Gunmen first target police checkp­ost, then 'female suicid­e bomber' blows hersel­f up at a hospit­al

July 21, 2019

'Unhappy' father arrested for transgender person's murder in Nowshera

Police believ­e father did not approv­e of Maya's choice of living as a transw­oman

June 30, 2019

Two transgender persons shot, injured in Mardan

66 member­s of margin­alised commun­ity have been killed withou­t a single convic­tion in K-P since 2015

June 18, 2019

Sikh community expresses solidarity with Pak cricket team

Shops owned by Sikhs remain closed during Pakist­an-India matche­s, source­s say

June 16, 2019

World Cup 2019: Pakistani Sikhs pray for country’s win over India

Commun­ity member­s say winnin­g agains­t arch-rival matter­s more than liftin­g the trophy­

June 15, 2019

South Waziristan gets its first police station

Khasad­ar and Levies force were merged into K-P police in April

June 15, 2019

Tribal area Sikhs angry at being ignored for tickets in election

Ruling PTI awards ticket­s for 16 genera­l seats in tribal areas

May 31, 2019