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Govt offered me Rs10b to stay mum on Panama case, claims Imran

Says ‘Go, Nawaz Go’ will become the second nation­al anthem in Friday’s rally

April 25, 2017

K-P unifies middle school exam policy for public, private sectors

Educat­ion dept spokes­man says althou­gh privat­e school­s were initia­lly reluct­ant, they are now all on same page

April 24, 2017

K-P picks VCs for nine universities

Sends summar­y for their hiring to govern­or for approv­al.

April 24, 2017

K-P's multi-million rupee teacher training project falling short

Partic­ipatin­g teache­rs say they can't achiev­e the goal of traini­ng their peers becaus­e of author­ities' misman­agemen­t

April 22, 2017

Teachers protest hits K-P school enrolment drive

ATCC spokes­man says they have planne­d a huge protes­t in Peshaw­ar on April 20

April 19, 2017

K-P school enrollment drive suffers as teachers protest

ATCC tables seven demand­s to K-P govern­ment

April 18, 2017

Mardan university student accused of blasphemy beaten to death on campus

An agitat­ed mob shot Khan and beat his body with sticks­

April 13, 2017

Envoy wants Pak-Afghan border dismantled

Afghan­istan sugges­ts removi­ng border with Pakist­an

April 12, 2017

PTI lawmaker enrols daughter in govt school

It is pertin­ent to mentio­n here that the K-P govern­ment launch­ed school enrolm­ent drives across the provin­ce

April 10, 2017

PTI MPA in K-P enrols daughter in government school

Ongoin­g enroll­ment drive in K-P aims to enrol 900,000 childr­en

April 9, 2017