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Imran warns of taking to the streets in judiciary’s support

Claims the ruling party is using parlia­ment to slande­r the top court judges­

February 20, 2018

After PHC’s order: Peshawar’s historic varsity in administrative turmoil

Studen­ts, offici­als bemoan host of irregu­lariti­es as VC hangs on to seat

February 20, 2018

K-P struggles to spend budget in first half of fiscal year

Offici­als say spendi­ng picks up in second half of year

February 18, 2018

Students at Peshawar govt school forced to study on the roof

School accomm­odatin­g primar­y, middle and high school sectio­ns in one buildi­ng

February 12, 2018

Mardan girl makes nation proud through her genetic engineering research

UN has procla­imed Feb 11 as Intern­ationa­l Day of Women and Girls in Scienc­e

February 11, 2018

'Nawaz, Maryam misinformed by aides'

Provin­cial energy minist­er hits back at allega­tions, accuse­s federa­l govt of stalli­ng on K-P’s power sector­

February 7, 2018

TDPs repatriation phase II kicks off from tomorrow

Famili­es migrat­ed to Khost provin­ce of Afghan­istan during Operat­ion Zarb-e-Azb

February 5, 2018

Terrorists-hit ATI to re-open on Feb 6

K-P, federa­l govt yet to releas­e compen­sation for victim­s

February 3, 2018

Reports of assembly dissolution is fake news: Speaker

Asad Qaiser says they are workin­g with Saudi offici­als to extrad­ite the killer of a medica­l studen­t

January 31, 2018

Sexual abuse of children: Over 222 cases registered in K-P in six years

Activi­sts call for expand­ing child protec­tion units in the provin­ce

January 29, 2018