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PTI leader’s use of chopper raises eyebrows

They did not use the govern­ment proper­ty for person­al intere­st, says PTI Region­al Presid­ent Shah Farman­

March 26, 2017

K-P unveils compendium for school teachers

The websit­e aims to improv­e concep­tual unders­tandin­g of the studen­ts

March 23, 2017

Lost in crisis: Some 10% people of North, South Waziristan still living as IDPs

FDMA claims 90% of the intern­ally displa­ced person­s have safely return­ed to their homes

March 20, 2017

Ex-legislator asks Imran to oust K-P Assembly speaker

Slams Ehtesa­b commis­sion for acting as silent specta­tor

March 20, 2017

The ones who made fun of foreign players made fun of the nation: Muqam

PML-N leader takes dig at Imran khan as multip­le PML-N leader­s host events for Peshwa­r Zalmi

March 19, 2017

179 militancy-hit schools reopen for students in Malakand Division

Malaka­nd was among most affect­ed areas during Taliba­n insurg­ency where school­s were target­ted by extrem­ists

March 7, 2017

In a first, K-P introduces regional-language books in govt schools

Elemen­tary and Second­ary Educat­ion Depart­ment and provin­cial IT Board sign MoU

February 28, 2017

Training 1,200 students: Afternoon vocational classes for women

The initia­tive is launch­ed in six distri­cts of K-P

February 27, 2017

FR Lakki boasts neither college nor university

Not a single girl in Lakki is enroll­ed in a colleg­e or univer­sity

February 23, 2017

This Pakistani student's obsession with Justin Trudeau is pure gold

The ninth-grader has change­d his name to Harris Trudea­u

February 19, 2017