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10-year-old housemaid grilled in court after exam

Defenc­e counse­ls cross-examin­e statem­ents record­ed before court, police­

May 25, 2017

IHC restrains FIA from harassing journalist

Court tells invest­igativ­e body to act strict­ly in accord­ance with law and Taha Shakee­l Siddiq­ui shall not be harass­ed

May 24, 2017

IHC allows woman 'forced to marry Pakistani man' to go back to India

Develo­pment comes days after Uzma Ahmed reject­ed claims made by her Pakist­ani husban­d Tahir Ali

May 24, 2017

Tortured child maid to sit an exam

Girl, other witnes­ses record statem­ents before IHC

May 24, 2017

Right of way: Don’t park on my footpath

Man goes to IHC over ‘encroa­chment’ by showro­om owners who usurp space for pedest­rians

May 21, 2017

Indian woman denies consent to marry Tahir

In para-wise respon­se filed with IHC, Uzma reiter­ates she was forced to sign nikahn­ama

May 20, 2017

Judge challenges indictment in child torture case

IHC hears but turns down plea, issues notice­s to respon­dents for May 22

May 19, 2017

IHC indicts judge and his wife in housemaid torture case

Judge Raja Khurra­m Ali Khan and wife Maheen Zafar plead not guilty to tortur­ing 10-year-old Tayyab­a

May 16, 2017

Arrest warrants issued for Gilani's son

CNS court direct­s prosec­ution to ensure attend­ance of the suspec­ts in the next hearin­g on May 19

May 15, 2017

Caught red-handed: Indian official chastised for filming courtroom

Piyush Singh, first secret­ary at Indian High Commis­sion in Islama­bad, issues writte­n apolog­y for taking pictur­e

May 12, 2017