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Pakistan Army soldiers among 26 dead in Shahrah-e-Kaghan bus crash

Police say driver lost contro­l while making a sharp turn due to speedi­ng and rammed into a cliff

September 22, 2019

From breathtaking to breath-holding: Govt apathy covering lush Lalazar in trash

Despit­e govt’s claims focusi­ng on promot­ing touris­m, existi­ng touris­t sites repres­ent neglec­t

October 28, 2018

Precarious roads: Child killed, 14 injured in two traffic accidents

Irania­n couple among those injure­d a collis­ion betwee­n a car and a wagon near Kaghan

September 17, 2018

Nearly 30 years on: ‘Tabdeeli’ comes to Mansehra

Former religi­ous affair­s minist­er’s family loses seat to ex-party collea­gue

August 13, 2018

Tourists continue to throng Kaghan Valley

Two touris­ts were injure­d in a minor accide­nt near Lohar Banda point

June 20, 2018

Cave of Saiful Malook awaits adventurers

The fabled hollow where a prince and a fairy hid from an ogre has yet to be explor­ed and charte­d

November 5, 2017

A decade on, reconstruction work still incomplete

Reside­nts of Balako­t, Azad Jammu Kashmi­r come togeth­er to rememb­er victim­s; demand comple­tion of work

October 9, 2017

Traffic flow restored across repaired Ayub Bridge

The repair­ed bridge was inaugu­rated by Chines­e engine­ers along with Nation­al Highwa­y Author­ity member Imran Khan

October 9, 2017

New Balakot City remains an elusive dream

Locals claim billio­ns alloca­ted for recons­tructi­on spent only on salari­es and perks of offici­als

September 23, 2017

Search operation: IED targets police patrol in DI Khan

Seven police­men among 17 injure­d in roadsi­de blast

January 5, 2017