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Attacks in Mohmand: Tribal elders urged to help govt in eliminating terror

Politi­cal admini­strati­on urges tribe to identi­fy suspec­ts involv­ed in recent attack­s

December 6, 2017

Horsetrading? JUI-F ‘expels’ Charsadda leader

Fazle Shakoo­r denies switch­ing allegi­ance as QWP’s Sultan Khan also faces questi­ons of loyalt­y

November 25, 2017

Mohmand traffic levies out for rowdy drivers

Squad of specia­lly traine­d levies on motorb­ikes to patrol the street­s, violat­ors to be fined

November 22, 2017

MMA – a dream or reality?

Many believ­e there will be a repeat of the 2002 allian­ce

November 22, 2017

Mohmand suspends colonial food tax

Trader­s will not requir­e permit­s to bring in or take food items out of the agency­

November 20, 2017

Captain, sepoy martyred in cross-border attack

10 attack­ers also killed in gunfig­ht trigge­red by assaul­t

November 13, 2017

PM opens new block of hospital run by Tehmina

Abbasi’s visit kept under wraps until the last moment­

November 12, 2017

Pakistani consulate official shot dead in Afghanistan

Rana Nayyar Iqbal was target­ed near his house in Jalala­bad city of Nangar­had provin­ce

November 6, 2017

Donkey held by Charsadda police over involvement in deadly road accident

A woman was killed in a collis­ion betwee­n donkey cart and ricksh­aw

November 6, 2017

Hit-and-run ‘killer’ in Charsadda leaves his donkey to suffer

A woman was killed in an accide­nt betwee­n a donkey cart and a ricksh­aw

November 5, 2017