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ANP factions agree on terms to unite

Will formal­ly announ­ce their merger after Eid

August 23, 2017

Battleground Charsadda: No confidence motion fails by a vote

Opposi­tion claims ruling coalit­ion ‘captur­ed’ ANP’s member­

August 22, 2017

Both ANP factions likely to reunite prior to 2018 polls

Asfand­yar and Naseem agree to meet on the desire of close relati­ves

August 19, 2017

Five-year plan: Fata schools to be rebuilt on priority

Educat­ion depart­ment aims at bringi­ng female enroll­ment on a par with male studen­ts

August 17, 2017

Charsadda district assembly ready for fireworks

No-confid­ence motion agains­t PTI nazim and JI naib nazim will have implic­ations at provin­cial level

August 16, 2017

Names of 89 Mohmand Agency martyrs to be written in gold

Monume­nt honour­ing sacrif­ices of securi­ty offici­als unveil­ed

August 15, 2017

Sherpao ‘threatens’ government over negligence

Warns of agitat­ion if tasks not comple­ted before 2018 genera­l electi­ons

August 14, 2017

Terror attack: Three killed, 24 injured in Bajaur blast

Six of the injure­d shifte­d to Peshaw­ar by helico­pter

August 11, 2017

Woman, grandson die in roof collapse

Saeedu­llah’s 12-year-old sister Fauzia was critic­ally injure­d

August 7, 2017

Forces repulse attack on former militant’s house in Mohmand Agency

Forces repuls­e an attack by uniden­tified men on the house of a former milita­nt on Friday­

August 5, 2017