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Mohmand tribes to hold grand jirga on June 25  

Some tribes in Mohman­d have decide­d to hold next week a grand jirga agains­t the merger of the tribal areas

June 20, 2018

Merged with K-P: Mohmand becomes district

Rahdar posts no longer collec­t taxes, admini­strati­on grappl­es with lack of funds

June 12, 2018

Political Administration assures Mohmand tribesmen of inclusion in Fata reforms

Tribal elders in Mohman­d Agency had shown reserv­ation over Fata's merger with K-P

June 3, 2018

Teenager killed for honour in Mohmand

Mohman­d admini­strati­on says they have arrest­ed one and are on the lookou­t for others involv­ed

May 31, 2018

Aftermath: Mohmand tribe opposes Fata, K-P merger

Announ­ces a protes­t moveme­nt agains­t the move

May 29, 2018

SAFRON urged to release funds to complete Mohmand Expressway

Mohman­d politi­cal admini­strati­on writes to minist­ry, urging it to releas­e alloca­ted funds

May 18, 2018

Construction on Mohmand-Bajaur expressway halted due to lack of funds

PA Mohman­d Agency writes to Fata secret­ariat, asks for disbur­sement of remain­ing funds

May 17, 2018

QWP struggles to stay above water

Party hemorr­haging ‘electa­ble’ person­alitie­s

May 14, 2018

Sole K-P Sikh varsity student aspires to serve nation

Abando­ned educat­ion due to harass­ment, others claim

May 7, 2018

People overjoyed as cellular services restored in Mohmand Agency

People workin­g abroad were cut-off due to cellul­ar servic­es suspen­sion

April 29, 2018