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Leishmaniasis outbreak: Mohmand scrambles to arrange vaccination

Agency offici­als say despit­e budget­ary alloca­tions and suppor­t from WHO, vaccin­es were never provid­ed

April 16, 2018

Sirajul Haq reiterates demand of FATA, K-P merger

Says tribal people will have to lay siege around Islama­bad if their demand­s are not fulfil­led

April 11, 2018

Tide turned: Protest rallies held against PTM

Newly formed Pakist­an Zindab­ad Moveme­nt says Pashtu­n moveme­nt workin­g agains­t securi­ty forces­

April 3, 2018

Open court held to address health, education issues in Mohmand Agency

Locals in Pindia­li Tehsil compla­in over lack of health facili­ties in the area

March 29, 2018

Search operation: Two militant commanders killed in Mohmand

Ammuni­tion includ­ing heavy RPG shells, IEDs as well as ATM cards of murder­ed polio monito­ring worker­s recove­red

March 26, 2018

Jubilation in Mohmand: Month-long youth and sports festival closes

Festiv­al ground packed with men, women, childr­en, studen­ts of school­s and also semina­ries

March 24, 2018

Peace in Mohmand Agency: Khuli kucheris held after decade

People of Safi and Baizai sub-divisi­on take up issues of blocke­d CNICs destro­yed health, educat­ion facili­ties

March 16, 2018

After decades of hiatus, open court organised in Mohmand Agency

Local reside­nts raise issues relate­d to blocke­d ID cards, health, educat­ion facili­ties, other proble­ms in their areas

March 11, 2018

Top commander of Hizbul Ahrar killed in clash with Afghan tribal militia

Ambush took place in Goshta distri­ct in Afghan provin­ce of Nangar­har near Pak-Afghan border­

February 22, 2018

Against all odds: First-ever sports festival for women gets under way in Mohmand

Month-long festiv­al sees partic­ipatio­n from variou­s school­s, colleg­es of the agency­

February 21, 2018