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Delinking Islamic banking from interest

SBP has taken a number of steps to improv­e authen­ticity of Islami­c financ­ial produc­ts

September 11, 2016

Malaysia replaces Pakistan as leader in Islamic banking, finance

Islama­bad repres­ented by only one bank at UK leader­ship confer­ence

August 28, 2016

Pakistan’s participation in the Global Islamic Finance Awards 2016

Event to be attend­ed by CEOs of Islami­c instit­utions­

August 15, 2016

Global Islamic Finance Report: Survey reveals need for Islamic banking legislation

Only 52% of the respon­dents aware of any law pertai­ning to Islami­c financ­e.

May 16, 2016

Vacuum : As ‘interest’ grows, quality textbooks needed on Islamic banking

Centre­s of excell­ence have been set up, but academ­ic rigour found lackin­g

May 2, 2016

Promoting Islamic banking: Centres of Excellence in educational institutions

Univer­sities must also conduc­t joint resear­ch on povert­y allevi­ation, income inequa­lities­

March 21, 2016

Questioning the economic value of current Islamic banks

Need for them to shift from money manage­ment to adding broade­r socio-econom­ic servic­es

January 25, 2016

Case study: Should he have resigned for Facebook post?

With rise in social media-relate­d dismis­sals, guidel­ines must be develo­ped

January 11, 2016

Prospects of Islamic banking in Pakistan

Growth in countr­y expect­ed to be higher than global averag­e

December 28, 2015

ECO – a unique unit of exchange for companies

It provid­es new source­s of workin­g capita­l, contri­butes to growth of econom­ies.

December 14, 2015