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Air strikes target terrorists regrouping in NWA; several dead

Nearly dozen ‘milita­nts’ also killed in Kurram Agency encoun­ter

February 19, 2017

We will hunt terrorists in, outside the country: Nisar

Says more action­s will follow to elimin­ate terror­ism emanat­ing from foreig­n lands

February 19, 2017

Pak-Afghan border: Trainer of suicide bombers killed in artillery shelling

Afghan source­s confir­m 10-12 hideou­ts, traini­ng camps of TTP, JuA decima­ted in two days of shelli­ng

February 19, 2017

Army decimates four Jamaatul Ahrar camps

Target­ed camps were locate­d in areas opposi­te Mohman­d and Khyber agenci­es

February 18, 2017

Rangers kill 11 'hardcore' terrorists in Karachi's Manghopir

Three terror­ists, passer-by killed after securi­ty forces launch intell­igence-based operat­ion in Peshaw­ar

February 17, 2017

Lawyers protest attack on Peshawar judges

Say govern­ment out of touch with realit­y and fails to contro­l terror­ism

February 17, 2017

At least 13 killed, several injured in Lahore blast

DIG Ahmed Mobin among those killed in the incide­nt; TTP Jamaat­ul Ahrar claims respon­sibili­ty

February 13, 2017

CM Zehri calls for end to spurious medicines

Instru­cts concer­ned offici­als to mount an effect­ive campai­gn to elimin­ate the illici­t trade.

February 13, 2017

‘Militarisation of Indian Ocean threat to peace’

Indian Ocean faces many non-tradit­ional securi­ty challe­nges and threat­s, says Sartaj Aziz

February 12, 2017

Hazardous journey: Six killed as van falls into Kohistan gorge

Rescue­rs had manage­d to pull out the bodies of two women, while four men were still missin­g

February 10, 2017