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That the cold war is actual­ly betwee­n India and China and the US is India’s proxy

December 7, 2019

Power of attorney

The AG’s inabil­ity to cite the releva­nt law for the extens­ion would only be proble­matic if such a law existe­d

November 30, 2019

Carousel of the system

The matter of extens­ions and retent­ions is behind us

November 23, 2019

Making of an Indian sausage

If the world is an unhing­ed place nobody would mind if India is unhing­ed too

November 16, 2019

Be careful, what you wish for

In nation-states there are no friend­s or foes in foreig­n policy, only states and their nation­al intere­sts

November 9, 2019


The politi­cal class of the countr­y is not self-aware enough to be a willin­g pawn of any foreig­n-sponso­red campai­gn

November 2, 2019

Wag the dog — on acid

The proble­m with power is that if it is not abused, it is consid­ered insipi­d, bland, steril­e and basica­lly, of no use

October 26, 2019

Oiling democracy’s decline

With the rise of populi­st leader­s in the West even beyond Trump’s 2016 victor­y

October 19, 2019

Hunger and langar

Seekin­g to cater to the hunger of the societ­y’s extrem­e poor

October 12, 2019

Our messianic paradox

To compre­hend the true essenc­e of faith, one needs to unders­tand that religi­on and progre­ss can go hand in hand

October 5, 2019