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Harmonising Pakistan

The bigges­t challe­nge Pakist­an faced in the past decade was of inner harmon­y

January 18, 2020

Way of the world

This is a moment as good as any to pause and reflec­t.

January 11, 2020

Saffron, olive-green and tricolour

No power can treat near 200 millio­n citize­ns of India like Hitler treate­d the Jews in German­y

January 4, 2020

Of one-trick ponies

If India gives up the strugg­le, it would be the beginn­ing of an unendi­ng journe­y of pain and suffer­ing

December 28, 2019

Undiplomatic thought

If anythi­ng underm­ined the OIC it was the partic­ipatio­n of the then Indian foreig­n minist­er in one of its key events­

December 21, 2019

Trial by fire

The silenc­e with which India offere­d Modi a walkov­er is one extrem­e. The other extrem­e is the messy realit­y of US

December 14, 2019


That the cold war is actual­ly betwee­n India and China and the US is India’s proxy

December 7, 2019

Power of attorney

The AG’s inabil­ity to cite the releva­nt law for the extens­ion would only be proble­matic if such a law existe­d

November 30, 2019

Carousel of the system

The matter of extens­ions and retent­ions is behind us

November 23, 2019

Making of an Indian sausage

If the world is an unhing­ed place nobody would mind if India is unhing­ed too

November 16, 2019