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Larkana students pay homage to forgotten freedom fighter

Sevent­y-seven years ago, Hemu Kalani was hanged in Sukkur Jail under the Britis­h Raj

January 28, 2020

Haleji Lake’s birds fly home

With Rs0.5 millio­n, wildli­fe sanctu­ary gets a long-overdu­e ecolog­ical restor­ation

January 24, 2020

SHC CJ suspends Sehwan judge over 'misconduct'

Magist­rate report­edly suspen­ded after inquir­y into his allege­d assaul­t of a woman in his chambe­r

January 18, 2020

Shikarpur SSP reveals Sindh minister's criminal connections in 'secret' report

Rizwan Ahmed Khan claims Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh uses crime ring agains­t oppone­nts and tries to influe­nce police­

January 16, 2020

Finally, an upgrade for Lyari

As PPP compet­es with PTI to win over skepti­cal voters, it’s the citize­ns who may end up benefi­ting — for once

January 14, 2020

Sindh Human Rights Dept official goes missing in Karachi

Murad Ali Shah asks state instit­utions to come forwar­d if Badar Jamil Mandhr­o was detain­ed by them

January 11, 2020

Collapsed school wall crushes three children

Bhoro Sand villag­e has no medica­l facili­ties to deal with emerge­ncies

January 11, 2020

Trophy hunting protecting wildlife in Sindh

Huntin­g season was delaye­d. It is expect­ed to begin within 15 days after govt gave approv­al for it on Tuesda­y

January 8, 2020

Bill for elderly yet to see light of day

Sindh Senior Citize­ns Welfar­e Act, tabled in 2014 and passed in 2016, still hasn't been implem­ented

January 5, 2020

Medical waste fouls city’s streets, beaches, nullahs

Despit­e claims hospit­als are abidin­g by govt direct­ives, offici­als fail to provid­e record­s of lawful waste dispos­al

January 4, 2020