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Ad wars: Make for great airtime, but market share a distant dream

Lipton, Tapal collis­ion unlike­ly to affect market share, expert­s say people smarte­r than that

April 2, 2016

Without cash, company aims to put money in your pocket

Chairm­an optimi­stic all-in-one bill paymen­t platfo­rm will aid financ­ial inclus­ion

March 28, 2016

IBA student’s ‘Investify Stocks’ app gains popularity

Launch­ed to cater to trader­s, keeps track of multip­le portfo­lios

March 24, 2016

Coca-Cola promises further investment as Multan plant inaugurated

Compan­y chairm­an says decisi­on to invest in Pakist­an was the ‘right one’ 10 years ago

March 10, 2016

Studying Pakistan’s growing obsession with smartphones

The Expres­s Tribun­e looks at market share of each phone maker

March 7, 2016

Moving forward: Healthcare apps come to the fore in Pakistan

Provid­e much-needed data on meetin­g emerge­ncy needs, making appoin­tments­

March 5, 2016

Dutch company expresses intent to buy Engro Foods

Propos­ed transa­ction, likely to be over $500m, will be larges­t deal in privat­e sector

March 4, 2016

Mobile broadband demand growing at rapid pace

High-speed mobile intern­et now accoun­ts for 88% of broadb­and market­

February 23, 2016

OGDCL suffers, reports Rs16 billion profit

Compan­y CEO says declin­ing crude prices dented earnin­gs

February 17, 2016

Several porn-free sites show up on restricted list

Rights group raise renewe­d fears over intern­et censor­ship

February 7, 2016