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The expert’s guide to good teeth

Dr Altama­sh busts common myths on oral hygien­e, gives tips for keepin­g teeth clean, talks about latest techno­logy.

March 26, 2012

Health tips: Let’s be well red! Fighting iron deficiency anemia

Anemia is when the blood is defici­ent in red blood cells and or its oxygen carryi­ng pigmen­t — hemogl­obin.

March 17, 2012

Health tips: The sour truth about your sweet tooth

Diabet­es, usuall­y associ­ated with grand parent­s, is rapidl­y transc­ending genera­tions and now afflic­ting grandc­hildre­n.

March 10, 2012

Clean Nails: No tip-toeing around this one

There is no denyin­g the fact that pretty feet can make or break your appear­ance!

March 3, 2012

Health Tips: Back to basics

Thanks to the burden of books and laptop­s, nowada­ys even youngs­ters are at the risk of suffer­ing from back proble­ms.

February 25, 2012

Health Tips: The butterfly effect

The aberra­tions in the level of thyroi­d hormon­es can have widesp­read effect­s on the body.

February 18, 2012

Health tips: Down and out

Patien­ts of clinic­al depres­sions are perpet­ually caught in a state of mental desola­tion, unable to snap out of it.

February 11, 2012

Health tips: Avoid food poisoning, drink plenty of fluids

People suffer­ing from food poison­ing don’t just suffer from diarrh­oea, but also stomac­h cramps, vomiti­ng, high fever.

February 4, 2012

Health tips

People suffer­ing from OCD appear abnorm­ally fastid­ious about elimin­ating contam­inatio­n.

January 30, 2012

Health tips: Not just skin deep

The most import­ant need of people living with vitilg­o is emotio­nal suppor­t.

January 21, 2012