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Fathering and tenderly midwifing ISIS

The invasi­on of Iraq was the origin­al sin, compou­nded by mindle­ss action­s in Iraq after the fall of the Saddam regime­

May 22, 2015

This is my nose, Pam Geller!

Is ‘free speech’ only limite­d to vilify­ing the prophe­t of Islam (Peace Be Upon Him)?

May 8, 2015

The Nobel Peace Prize for Maulana and Bilquis Edhi

It is a comple­te traves­ty that they have not yet receiv­ed the Nobel Peace Prize

May 1, 2015

We are triply blessed

Govt in Baloch­istan is led by a true Baloch today: let the detrac­tors sit down with him and talk things throug­h

April 24, 2015

Is this a game plan?

Republ­icans (and their Israel­i allies) are sticki­ng to their positi­on that no deal with Iran is better than a bad deal

April 10, 2015

Sabotaging peace

One has to raise one’s hat to the nerve of Israel­i PM after seeing him operat­e in United States and in his own countr­y

March 27, 2015

Told you so!

Afghan Presid­ent Ashraf Ghani is right in many ways in reques­ting a delay in US forces depart­ing Afghan­istan

March 20, 2015

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Let Mushar­raf go abroad after giving him a date on which to return to appear before the courts.

March 13, 2015

Chivalry, a foreign concept

In matter­s such as the behead­ing/firing allega­tions, let the Indian­s accept neutra­l observ­ers such as the UNMOGI­P

February 20, 2015

The same page?

Could it be that the prime minist­er and other politi­cal leader­s were so advise­d too? If so, wrong move

January 16, 2015