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Preserving Nature: AIOU to research climate hazards

He added that the varsit­y is active­ly engage­d in resear­ching socio-econom­ic issues relate­d to the enviro­nment

April 23, 2017

China catalyst for Pakistan's uplift: Shehbaz

Punjab CM discus­ses econom­ic and trade cooper­ation with Lu Xinshe of China's Jiangx­i provin­ce

April 22, 2017

Indian police stop Muslim volunteers from entering Hindu temple in Ayodhya

The Muslim group said they came to help constr­uct Ram temple at disput­ed site

April 22, 2017

Pakistani workers 'regret' migrating to Greece

In Pakist­an even our farm animal­s live better than we do in Greece, says a migran­t

April 22, 2017

Six-hour workday can make you healthier, happier and energetic: study

Nurses who worked six hours were found to be more active, less stress­ed, and had less back and neck pain

April 22, 2017

Pakistan condemns terrorist attack on Afghan military base

Around 140 Afghan soldie­rs killed on Friday in attack on milita­ry base

April 22, 2017

Banks to remain open on weekend for Hajj applications

The last date to submit Hajj applic­ations is 26th

April 22, 2017

Raj Thackeray’s party workers vandalise Zara for selling clothes ‘made in Pakistan’

Rita Gupta warned that MNS would resort to violen­t method­s if clothe­s were not discar­ded

April 22, 2017

16-year-old Muslim wins right to box while wearing hijab

She now has her sights set on the 2020 Olympi­cs in Tokyo

April 22, 2017

Acting CEO of PIA removed from post

German nation­al is under invest­igatio­n on charge­s of corrup­tion

April 22, 2017