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NAB believes in “Zero Corruption”: NAB chairman

NAB has perfec­ted its proced­ures and tried to overco­me its organi­sation­al weakne­sses

August 19, 2017

‘Babri Masjid cannot be relocated’

Maulan­a Jawad says those sugges­ting giving up of Babri Masjid land for temple have only right to donate their own land

August 18, 2017

Altaf Hussain meets US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Khan of Kalat in London

The lawmak­er assure­s Altaf of raisin­g his grieva­nces in the US Congre­ss and other forums, claims MQM-London­

August 18, 2017

Second-year student killed in PTI, PML-N clash in Khanewal

Aalim Amir was a member of the PML-N studen­ts wing

August 18, 2017

Hundreds flood Kochi streets to catch a glimpse of Sunny Leone

News of her visit sends fans into frenzy; police book many for 'obstru­ction in public way'

August 18, 2017

Nawaz has been winning elections with the help of 'agencies': Kaira

PPP leader critic­ises former PM for not appear­ing before NAB

August 18, 2017

Basic traits of soldiering linked to physical fitness: Gen Qamar

COAS visits Okara Cantt on 6th Army PACES Champi­onship, lauds physic­al fitnes­s standa­rds displa­y by partic­ipants­

August 18, 2017

Spanish emergency service claims Pakistanis among dead, injured in attacks

Foreig­n Office, howeve­r, says Pakist­ani embass­y, consul­ate genera­l have not receiv­ed any report­s

August 18, 2017

PAT challenges decision to accept Kulsoom Nawaz's nomination papers

PAT candid­ate moves appell­ate tribun­al saying that return­ing office­r accept­ed the papers ignori­ng 'concea­led facts'

August 18, 2017

Why are dogs turning blue in India?

Stray dogs often wade into the river and come out with blue fur

August 18, 2017