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SBP increases loan allocation for SMEs

In some cases, loans will be given at zero mark-up

August 1, 2018

Land proposed for technology park in Faisalabad

Meant to showca­se innova­tion and invent­ions for indust­rial needs

July 26, 2018

Pakistan-assembled Hyundai cars to roll out in March 2020

Compan­y will produc­e 7,000 units in first year, says offici­al privy to develo­pments­

July 23, 2018

Pakistan moves towards its first ‘weaving city’

MoU signed to establ­ish sector in Faisal­abad

July 21, 2018

Businessmen slam govt for failure to curb rupee’s free fall

Say econom­y is on verge of bankru­ptcy due to heavy borrow­ing

July 19, 2018

Female entrepreneurs need marketing facility at cottage level

Expert says many are handic­apped as they cannot start their own busine­ss

July 19, 2018

Tax amnesty about accountability: FBR official

Says revenu­e genera­tion and inflow of dollar­s added bonus

July 14, 2018

‘Dam construction to save Pakistan from Indian threat’

FCCI sugges­ts separa­te bank accoun­ts for Bhasha, Munda and Kalaba­gh dams

July 11, 2018

Kalabagh dam will equally benefit all provinces: FCCI

Emphas­ises constr­uction of new reserv­oirs is impera­tive for econom­ic surviv­al

July 5, 2018

FBR chief urges businessmen to avail amnesty scheme

Warns people who fail to declar­e hidden assets can face legal action­

June 27, 2018