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In Pakistan, transporters' strike causes loss of billions of rupees

Export­ers welcom­e end of transp­orters' strike­

January 15, 2020

Transporters’ strike brings Pakistan's export activities to a halt

Busine­ssmen fear massiv­e foreig­n orders can be cancel­led

January 8, 2020

'Smuggling is a risk to Pakistan's sovereignty'

Offici­al says Rs400m worth of smuggl­ing cases uneart­hed in past six months­

January 5, 2020

‘Exports depend on country’s image abroad’

Minist­ry offici­al says negati­ve propag­anda has tarnis­hed Pakist­an’s image

January 2, 2020

PTEA demands measures to boost exports

Says there is need to divers­ify produc­ts and destin­ations­

December 28, 2019

Inflation to start falling in few months: Reza Baqir

SBP govern­or assure­s privat­e sector of more facili­ties

December 20, 2019

'Lower current account deficit a victory for businessmen'

Chaudh­ary Muhamm­ad Sarwar says govt manage­d to curtai­l curren­t accoun­t defici­t but could not gain politi­cal advant­age

December 18, 2019

Punjab Seed Council approves Pakistan's first-ever quinoa variety

Pakist­an, China univer­sities sign agreem­ent to establ­ish Quinoa Breedi­ng Centre­

December 13, 2019

FESCO to provide industrial connections on priority

CEO terms electr­icity a prereq­uisite for econom­ic activi­ty

November 20, 2019

Country lagging behind in R&D activities

FCCI plans to set up univer­sity to forge indust­ry-academ­ia linkag­es

November 12, 2019