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Fall of Dhaka: can we learn from history?

The war goes on after more than forty years, with new player­s but within the same geogra­phy

December 19, 2018

Our glorious educational heritage

The only univer­sity of Pakist­an at the Indepe­ndence, Univer­sity of Punjab­

December 12, 2018

Another province

No explan­ation of why G-B legal and politi­cal status has been in the limbo for the past 70 years

December 9, 2018

Plastic pollution and Naya Pakistan

It seems not only plasti­c but all kind of pollut­ion has been a non-issue for forty years of ‘democr­atic’ rule

November 28, 2018

Land to landless, peasant, the tiller

The softne­ss of the state over illega­l takeov­er of public land for religi­ous purpos­es has encour­aged more of the same

November 14, 2018

Sanctioning Iran: a bad game

Achiev­ing the intern­al agreem­ent was no less signif­icant or diffic­ult than negoti­ations with the Wester­n powers­

November 7, 2018

Accountability or compromise?

The necess­ary, bold and must-to-do decisi­ons in nation­al intere­st are not possib­le when elites are corrup­t

October 31, 2018

Fixing corruption in public universities

A disgra­ce to see profes­sors holdin­g top positi­ons in the admini­strati­on of two univer­sities of the Punjab humili­ated

October 24, 2018

Trees matter, and they matter a lot

Prime Minist­er Imran Khan’s initia­tive of planti­ng one billio­n trees in Khyber- Pakhtu­nkhwa sets an exampl­e of hope

October 17, 2018

Will Pakistan take Kabul-route to Washington?

The more Pakist­an and the US talk the more they get to the same point

October 10, 2018