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The leadership crisis

A change is possib­le and seems to be happen­ing in the urban areas of the countr­y

January 17, 2018

Confrontational politics

But the game the opposi­tion partie­s are playin­g is a game of confro­ntatio­nal politi­cs

January 10, 2018

Living in Trump age

Tweet on Pakist­an is unique in harshn­ess, very direct, impoli­te and undipl­omatic­

January 3, 2018

Rise of fascism in Pakistan

It is not democr­acy produc­ing more democr­acy, but fascis­m promot­ing more fascis­m

December 27, 2017

Democracy and discontent

In 7 decade­s, we had only one democr­atic transi­tion in 2013 when one electe­d party took over from anothe­r

December 13, 2017

Political paralysis — more to come

The dharna in Islama­bad has finall­y ended to the relief of every one

November 29, 2017

State failure and extremism

Pathol­ogies and sympto­ms of state failur­e in Pakist­an; failur­e to counte­r religi­ous extrem­ism is most obviou­s one

November 22, 2017

Smog is acid rain

The indust­rialis­ed states have contro­lled pollut­ion and people breath­e in cleane­r air becaus­e of true democr­acy

November 15, 2017

A rudderless ship

For about a year or so, the countr­y seems to have lost stabil­ity, order and a sense of direct­ion

November 8, 2017

Politics in Punjab

Three enduri­ng facts about politi­cs in Punjab that are unlike­ly to change in the coming years, and perhap­s decade­s

November 1, 2017