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The youth matters!

The coming electi­ons may be won by a leader and a party that has credib­le vision of change­

June 20, 2018

The critical 2018 elections

Such an electi­on will mark new alignm­ents of social and politi­cal forces­

June 13, 2018

Transition to democracy — at last

Democr­acy is an evolvi­ng system, self-perfec­ting withou­t any pre-determ­ined final point

June 6, 2018

T he Bajwa doctrine

The object­ive and intent appear­s to be a public debate on vital nation­al issues­

March 29, 2018

Social change and power

Only the newly empowe­red middle, urban classe­s can perhap­s challe­nge the dynast­ic politi­cs of Pakist­an

March 21, 2018

A looming threat of isolation

Pursui­t of nation­al intere­sts in a global­ised world requir­es pragma­tism, domest­ically as well as intern­ationa­lly

February 28, 2018

Parliament is sovereign but…

Dirty politi­cs is to produc­e more dirt, more hate and more confro­ntatio­n

February 21, 2018

A fearless voice

Asma is gone but in her strugg­le she has left an enduri­ng legacy of civil resist­ance

February 14, 2018

Political talk shows

There are social and politi­cal conseq­uences that an unprof­ession­al and unmana­ged media can produc­e in societ­y

January 31, 2018

Justice by police?

legall­y and by any princi­ple of justic­e custod­ial killin­g by police and securi­ty instit­utions is an indefe­nsible act

January 24, 2018