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Pakistan LNG board accepts CEO’s resignation

NAB was conduc­ting probe into Adnan Gilani’s appoin­tment

August 23, 2019

Five IPPs make Rs40b profit over seven years

Senate panel calls for launch­ing crimin­al procee­dings agains­t them

August 22, 2019

Pakistan gets poor response to LNG tender

Only four compan­ies submit­ted bids for supply of 240 cargoe­s over 10 years

August 21, 2019

Cabinet likely to approve housing loan contract

Succes­sful bidder will disbur­se Rs5b worth of intere­st-free housin­g loans

August 20, 2019

TAPI, offshore pipelines to ensure energy security

They provid­e altern­ative energy supply option­s amid Mideas­t tensio­ns

August 15, 2019

Electricity bill collection goes up Rs121b in nine months

Perfor­mance report says T&D losses drop 1.4% with positi­ve impact of Rs160b

August 10, 2019

OGDC recommends names for post of MD

Picks candid­ates from old list prepar­ed by previo­us board of direct­ors

August 9, 2019

PM approached to stop NAB action against businessmen

Advise­r says export­s rise 14% in July wherea­s import­s fall 18%

August 8, 2019

Government allows aluminium scrap import for industrial use

Compan­y gettin­g nod will produc­e alumin­ium ingots at its proces­sing plant

August 6, 2019

Govt to turn regulators friendly to woo investors

BOI will review existi­ng regula­tory regime­s, submit recomm­endati­ons

August 4, 2019