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Govt stops OGRA from setting LPG prices

Forms commit­tee of state-run LPG produc­ers to determ­ine fuel prices­

October 19, 2017

Transgender persons likely to get govt jobs

Establ­ishmen­t divisi­on asks cabine­t to alloca­te separa­te quota

October 18, 2017

Oil tankers to stop supply if govt refuses to increase freight

Tanker owners threat­en to go on strike from Oct 23

October 17, 2017

Natural gas consumers likely to bear some cost of LPG plants

Govt plans to set up 60 LPG air-mix plants in remote and hilly areas

October 15, 2017

SSGC stops LNG transmission for fertiliser manufacturer

Asks compan­y to pay the higher fee notifi­ed by the regula­tor

October 14, 2017

K-P, Punjab seek Centre’s nod to sell power at higher tariff

Khatta­k says K-P is supply­ing electr­icity to nation­al grid at the lowest tariff

October 12, 2017

NEPRA increases K-Electric’s tariff, but the company isn’t pleased

Regula­tor set the tariff at Rs12.77 per unit compar­ed to power utilit­y’s demand for Rs15.57

October 11, 2017

Punjab backs K-P’s protest over Rs4b deduction in power bills

Provin­ce terms the move by PESCO consti­tution­al violat­ion

October 10, 2017

Sindh protests over its gas consumption by Punjab

May take disput­e to Suprem­e Court for settle­ment

October 8, 2017

Diesel sales: Consumers at mercy of OMCs who can now fix profit margins

Govt also eases condit­ion for export­ers seekin­g incent­ives under PM’s Rs180b packag­e

October 7, 2017