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Government approves surcharges for repaying power sector’s liabilities

Growin­g circul­ar debt poses a threat to upcomi­ng electe­d govt

June 21, 2018

President to discuss energy ties during Tajikistan visit

Will attend water confer­ence on June 20 as global scarci­ty threat grows

June 19, 2018

Eighteen Islamabad to reinvest profit in other Pakistani cities

Projec­t CEO says capita­l will not flow out of the countr­y

June 16, 2018

Plan to merge two state-run LNG companies blocked

Amalga­mation would have given contro­l of the two firms to PML-N’s favour­ed man

June 15, 2018

After PML-N era: Circular debt comes down from Rs573b to Rs499b

Discos expect­ing Rs101 billio­n additi­onal revenu­es during month of June

June 14, 2018

Caretakers desist from blaming PML-N govt on power outages

Says weak distri­bution networ­k and other issues caused load-sheddi­ng

June 13, 2018

Caretakers to brief nation today on power outages

Countr­y facing a shortf­all of 4,599 MW, Senate panel told

June 12, 2018

Caretakers hike petrol by Rs4.26 per litre

Petrol now costs Rs91.96 a litre, diesel Rs105.31

June 12, 2018

PML-N govt also increased LNG import margins

Power, textil­e and CNG sector­s will have to pay billio­ns for LNG consum­ption

June 10, 2018

PML-N govt quietly raised profit margins of oil industry

It took the decisi­on just a day before the end of its tenure­

June 9, 2018