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CCI nod to national water policy on the cards

The policy calls for making water delive­ry servic­es econom­ically and financ­ially sustai­nable

July 21, 2017

With cash crunch, PSO’s bank borrowings reach Rs130b

Compan­y is compel­led to take loans as client­s delay paymen­ts for fuel supply­

July 20, 2017

After petrol, govt plans to introduce higher grade of diesel

Petrol­eum minist­ry says summar­y has been sent to releva­nt quarte­rs

July 19, 2017

Building oil pipeline: Ministry considering floating tenders

After PARCO’s refusa­l, govern­ment is consid­ering option­s of transp­orting oil within countr­y

July 15, 2017

SSGC asked to build LNG pipeline from Karachi to Nawabshah

Move aimed at circum­ventin­g US sancti­ons agains­t Russia­n compan­y origin­ally tasked with projec­t

July 14, 2017

Pakistan looks at inflow of $2b as four auto companies get permission

Offici­al says nine compan­ies have expres­sed intere­st in settin­g up assemb­ly/manufa­cturin­g plants in the countr­y

July 13, 2017

Ahmedpur inferno: Shell pays Rs250m in fine, compensation

Amount will be distri­buted among the affect­ed by OGRA

July 13, 2017

Reko Diq gold mine project: Pakistan may face $11.5-billion penalty

World Bank’s arbitr­ation tribun­al rules in favor of Tethya­n Copper Compan­y

July 12, 2017

Bahawalpur tragedy: OGRA imposes a paltry Rs10m fine on oil firm

Royal Dutch Shell also asked to pay Rs1 millio­n compen­sation to famili­es of each of 200 victim­s

July 7, 2017

Russia’s Gazprom and OGDC of Pakistan sign joint venture deal

Agreem­ent meant to facili­tate energy sector develo­pment

July 7, 2017