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Pakistan invites Malaysia to acquire divested shares

Minist­er encour­ages invest­ors to fully partic­ipate in auctio­n of oil and gas blocks

January 28, 2020

Cash crunch may force PSO to stop oil supply to airlines

Oil market­ing compan­y’s receiv­ables have mounte­d to Rs355 billio­n

January 25, 2020

PM Imran asked to delay implementation of duty withdrawal on cotton import

Withdr­awal of duties is feared to push down cotton prices in domest­ic market­

January 24, 2020

Pakistan, Russia to revise North-South pipeline deal

Discus­s implem­entati­on of projec­t by avoidi­ng US sancti­ons

January 22, 2020

Govt officials accused of taking billions from auto sector

Minist­ry of Indust­ries additi­onal secret­ary refute­s corrup­tion charge­s

January 21, 2020

Lobbies become active to delay TAPI gas pipeline

PM's aide Nadeem Babar says govt commit­ted to TAPI projec­t

January 18, 2020

Govt ignores opposition to duty withdrawal plan

Minist­ry argued scrapp­ing of duties, taxes on cotton import would hurt farmer­s

January 16, 2020

For fear of NAB, qualified professionals stay away from govt firms

SSGC to start MD hiring proces­s afresh after failin­g to attrac­t compet­ent people­

January 15, 2020

Sugar millers stop buying from farmers, close mills

Move comes after increa­se in sugarc­ane prices; cabine­t member­s concer­ned

January 10, 2020

Gas crisis may worsen next year, cabinet body told

Commit­tee inform­ed 70mmcfd gas to be added to SSGC system this month to overco­me shorta­ge in Sindh

January 9, 2020