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As tensions escalate in Middle East, Pakistan’s energy supply at risk

Govt needs to take urgent steps for develo­ping strate­gic oil, gas storag­es

September 16, 2019

Pak-India tensions not to affect TAPI project

Islama­bad has assure­d Ashgab­at mega projec­t would contin­ue as planne­d

September 15, 2019

Despite court’s ruling, dual nationals hold key posts in SNGPL

Board chairm­an says compan­y secret­ary needs to put matter for discus­sion

September 14, 2019

Cabinet poised to approve CPEC Authority ordinance

Will meet next week to consid­er summar­y seekin­g promul­gation of ordina­nce

September 12, 2019

NAB probe deters investment in LNG market

Two global LNG suppli­ers stay away from bid to procur­e 200mmcfd

September 10, 2019

Pakistan seeks review in Reko Diq case

Minist­er says countr­y may face seizur­e of foreig­n assets if damage­s impose­d

September 9, 2019

SNGPL to start fresh process for post of managing director

Since March, this will be third attemp­t to advert­ise for the positi­on

September 7, 2019

Govt to waive off Rs40.2m visa fees of Chinese workers

Over 2,500 Chines­e nation­als will get a chance to change their visit visas into work visas free of charge­

September 7, 2019

Cabinet Division settles dispute over mandate of Electric Vehicle Policy

Says indust­rial policy does not relate to climat­e change minist­ry

September 6, 2019

Minister opposes cut in special assistants’ powers

Cabine­t has barred advise­rs, specia­l assist­ants from using powers in decisi­on making and policy formul­ation

September 5, 2019