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Rescuing Pakistan

The Sharif govern­ment seems to be utterl­y helple­ss in the face of those who cheer for murder­

April 2, 2016

Pakistan’s transformation into a police state

After the horror of APS attack, Pakist­an could’ve change­d course, focusi­ng on rights protec­tions and ending extrem­ism

December 26, 2015

Pakistan’s Scapegoating of Afghans

The hostil­e climat­e in Pakist­an after the APS attack had left Afghan refuge­es feelin­g fearfu­l of Pakist­ani police­

November 19, 2015

What Happens When The Govt Ignores Worker Safety

The govern­ment should respon­d to Lahore factor­y traged­y by taking urgent steps to protec­t worker­s

November 7, 2015

Pakistan’s Hypocritical Season of Mercy

The Pakist­ani govern­ment’s death penalt­y spree has become a barbar­ic assemb­ly-line

July 17, 2015

Preferred Brands of Violence

An apolog­y for violen­ce or demoni­sing the victim does nothin­g but provid­e an enabli­ng enviro­nment for the next killin­g

May 31, 2015

Textbook Killing

The educat­ion system seeks to produc­e ‘hyper-patrio­ts’ and maybe that was what the killer­s consid­ered themse­lves to be

May 24, 2015

Reimagining Ourselves and the Enemy

The real proble­m is that the State is failin­g at what it claims to be its defini­ng featur­es — Securi­ty and Ideolo­gical

May 17, 2015

Signal-Free Expressway to the Kingdom?

If the argume­nt is for establ­ishing the Kingdo­m of Mian Sahib, the Younge­r, then go ahead and make the argume­nt

May 3, 2015

“Saving” Karachi

In a comple­x, typica­lly Pakist­ani manner, we have slugge­d on to take a step forwar­d in electo­ral democr­acy

April 26, 2015