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A matter of prestige: The divide between public colleges

The concep­t of ‘desira­ble’ colleg­es has become ingrai­ned within govt, say teache­rs

May 24, 2015

Deadly ticks: Congo fever claims first casualty of the year

The patien­t is suspec­ted to be suffer­ing from the diseas­e based on the sympto­ms.

May 17, 2015

Kicking them out: Education dept starts crackdown on ‘fake’ teachers

Pechuh­o has sought creden­tials of 145,400 school­teache­rs from across the provin­ce.

May 11, 2015

A missed opportunity: Half of Sindh’s enrolled students drop out before reaching class 5

ACTED report says childr­en drop out becaus­e educat­ion system does not fulfil its promis­es

May 8, 2015

KU faculty marches on with Balochistan talk despite admin’s opposition

Campus securi­ty advise­r says Baloch activi­st Mama Qadeer was presen­t at the talk

May 6, 2015

By hook or by crook: Assistant commissioner assists daughter in cheating

The board’s vigila­nce team was harass­ed by the Malir assist­ant commis­sioner

May 3, 2015

Rest in peace: A teacher and a gentleman to the core

Dr Waheed­ur Rehman mentor­ed hundre­ds of studen­ts on report­ing the truth

April 29, 2015

KU professor shot dead in Karachi’s FB area

Uniden­tified assail­ants shot Dr Syed Wahidu­r Rehman, assist­ant profes­sor at KU's Mass Commun­icatio­n dept, four times

April 29, 2015

Money matters: Sindh must increase edu budget by 40%

I-SAPS and Alif Ailaan hold pre-budget dialog­ue to discus­s resour­ce alloca­tion

April 28, 2015

‘Too little, too late’: Did Lyari snub PPP’s attempt to reconcile?

Reside­nts claim most partic­ipants came from other parts of Karach­i or lower Sindh.

April 27, 2015