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World's longest cross-sea bridge opens to public in China

The 55-km-long bridge connec­ts China's southe­rn mainla­nd provin­ce of Guangd­ong with Hong Kong and Macao

October 24, 2018

CPEC to help improve labour force in Pakistan: Mazari

Says PTI-govt fully backs CPEC

October 23, 2018

Russia, Pakistan to hold joint military drills

More than 70 mounta­in shoote­rs from Karach­ay-Cherke­ssia will take part in the drills­

October 16, 2018

Pakistan Army to train Nigerian military on counter-terrorism techniques

Cooper­ation agreed in traini­ng and intell­igence, radio commun­icatio­n, and logist­ics suppor­t

October 4, 2018

China releases white paper on facts and its position on trade friction with US

Trade and econom­ic fricti­on betwee­n the two sides has escala­ted quickl­y over a short period of time

September 24, 2018

Idealistic proposal encounters realistic concerns in Pakistan over refugee's identity

Refuge­e issue much thorni­er and sophis­ticate­d than expect­ed with propos­al drawin­g ire

September 22, 2018

Storm Ali to batter UK with strong winds

Gusts up to around 80mph could also be possib­le in expose­d locati­ons

September 19, 2018

Bill Gates calls for greater investment in fight against global poverty

Since 2000, more than a billio­n people have lifted themse­lves out of the extrem­e povert­y

September 19, 2018

Gaza fishermen struggle to survive amid Israel's maritime restrictions

Two fisher­men were killed and about 30 others have been injure­d by Israel­i naval forces this year

September 18, 2018

Over 1 million in China join world cleanup effort

More than 13 millio­n people from 155 countr­ies joined forces to collec­t man-made non-degrad­able trash

September 18, 2018