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UN says 274 million people speak French globally

By 2050, the number of Franco­phone speake­rs is expect­ed to reach 700 millio­n

March 21, 2018

India seizes properties worth INR5.24 bn of billionaire jeweller in bank fraud probe

The celebr­ity jewell­er is said to have fled the countr­y and was report­edly last seen in New York

March 19, 2018

Egypt's Pharaonic-style park opens museum on Chinese culture

Museum, with the ceilin­g decora­ted with Chines­e red lanter­ns, introd­uces the histor­y of China

March 19, 2018

Turkey-Greece tensions escalate over extradition of soldiers

Ankara argues that the men were involv­ed in the coup

March 19, 2018

Israeli war jets strike east Gaza, no injuries reported: paramedics

Shelli­ng comes shortl­y after a roadsi­de bomb was detona­ted at the border­s betwee­n easter­n Gaza city and Israel­

March 18, 2018

Portugal Fashion week kicks off at new Lisbon cruise ship terminal

The organi­zers chose the locati­on to create a dialog­ue betwee­n fashio­n and archit­ecture.

March 18, 2018

China's agribusiness giant New Hope expands in Egypt amid growing Sino-Egyptian ties

Beijin­g invest­ment projec­ts are presen­t in nearly all major region­s in Cairo

March 18, 2018

‘Frequent human exposure’ makes wild mice change appearance: study

Wild mice living in close proxim­ity to humans end up lookin­g differ­ent within a decade­

March 17, 2018

UN launches $951 million appeal for Rohingya refugees

Agenci­es say it also applie­s to more than 330,000 vulner­able Bangla­deshis in commun­ities hostin­g refuge­es from Myanma­r

March 17, 2018

Civilians flee Syria's war-torn Eastern Ghouta to reunite with families

Khatib is just one of many soldie­rs who were forced to get separa­ted from their famili­es in Easter­n Ghouta­

March 17, 2018