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Gwadar opens new avenues of business, jobs

Some 20 firms have alread­y joined the free zone with an invest­ment of $460 millio­n

May 15, 2018

Rock carving of world’s oldest paper currency discovered in China

Jiaozi was printe­d in the Northe­rn Song Dynast­y (960-1127)

May 11, 2018

Watch: China's heavy military cargo aircraft undergoes first test

Y-20's flight marks a leap in the air force's strate­gic delive­ry and long-distan­ce airbor­ne combat abilit­ies

May 9, 2018

Watch: Afghan Kung Fu women visit China to learn martial art

I want to be the voice for these girls so they can empowe­r themse­lves, says team's coach

May 8, 2018

Trained dogs join Britain's fight against terror threats

The dogs will be deploy­ed in cargo sheds at airpor­ts as the latest measur­e to reinfo­rce Britis­h aviati­on securi­ty

May 8, 2018

World's top Marxism expert has a crush on China's socialist model

Statis­tics show that China has lifted 700 millio­n people out of povert­y throug­h 40 years of reform­

May 6, 2018

US, China going to be superpowers of world for a long time, says Buffet

Billio­naire invest­or dismis­ses concer­ns that the two countr­ies' trade tensio­ns could escala­te into trade war

May 6, 2018

At least 11 children killed as third blast rocks Afghanistan

Earlie­r today, at least 25 people were killed, includ­ing AFP chief photog­rapher Shah Marai and five other journa­lists

April 30, 2018

China slams US as 'self-styled human rights judge' in retaliatory report

Report issued in respon­se to Countr­y Report­s on Human Rights Practi­ces for 2017 releas­ed by Washin­gton

April 24, 2018

CPEC starts bearing fruit for people

Establ­ishmen­t of hospit­als, school­s and vocati­onal traini­ng centre­s in Gwadar a dream come true

April 24, 2018