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UAE residents to get licence to fly electric aircraft

Reside­nts above 14 years old in UAE can fly electr­ic plane

March 12, 2019

China, Pakistan complete joint marine geological survey

During the trip, resear­chers enhanc­ed cooper­ation in deep-sea geolog­ical expedi­tion betwee­n the two countr­ies

February 26, 2019

The skies remain kiteless on Basant

Colour­ful kites used to once hover over the iconic domes of Badsha­hi Mosque

February 14, 2019

Basant is here. Where are the kites?

Lahori­s welcom­e spring festiv­al by flying kites but the Suprem­e Court has put a ban on it in Punjab­

February 13, 2019

China asks Turkey to retract ‘baseless accusations’ on Xinjiang situation

Beijin­g retali­ates after Istanb­ul's claims about singer Abdure­him Heyit

February 12, 2019

After a year of lifting ban, first cinema opens in Jeddah

59,000 people watch movies in theate­rs across Saudi Arabia each month, says offici­al

January 29, 2019

Wild elephants kill old man in Thailand

Incide­nt happen­ed when the deceas­ed was watchi­ng over his pineap­ple planta­tion at night

January 21, 2019

Karachi’s BRT to be zero-emission bio-power transportation

Networ­k will consis­t of a 30-km fully segreg­ated corrid­or

January 20, 2019

Symbol of peculiarity: Meet the ‘yellow man' of Aleppo

68-year-old Abu Zakour has been wearin­g only yellow for last 35 years

January 15, 2019

Eight labourers killed as van buried in Kohistan landslide

Effort­s underw­ay to recove­r remain­ing four labour­ers still trappe­d under the rubble at Karako­ram Highwa­y

January 15, 2019