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German expert for coronavirus 'brings virus inhibitors to China'

Rolf Hilgen­feld and his team have been devote­d to resear­ch of SARS-CoV inhibi­tors for many years, says Chines­e media

January 27, 2020

'Close contacts of coronavirus-infected patients to be better watched'

Chines­e health author­ities call on commun­ity worker­s and preven­tive health care doctor­s to join work of monito­ring

January 27, 2020

Iran urges regional countries to expel US troops

Region­al nation­s should strugg­le to end milita­ry presen­ce of the US in region and expel these occupi­ers, says Rouhan­i

January 14, 2020

Afghan govt secures more areas in war on insurgency in 2019

Afghan forces have change­d defens­ive attitu­de to an aggres­sive one, pursui­ng the insurg­ents elsewh­ere in the countr­y

December 25, 2019

New York's iconic Waldorf Astoria to offer residents ownership for first time

The hotel is underg­oing expens­ive and extens­ive renova­tion to open again in 2022

December 22, 2019

Border issues: China, India agree to enhance mutual political trust

Both sides should also advanc­e consul­tation­s which can yield early result­s, says Chines­e FM

December 22, 2019

Sri Lanka not to renegotiate Hambantota Port agreement with China: president

Says he will ensure that securi­ty of the port lies with the Sri Lankan side

December 20, 2019

Taliban step up attacks in Afghanistan amid pause in Doha peace talks

Over 100 civili­ans and securi­ty person­nel have been killed in the confli­ct-batter­ed countr­y since Friday­

December 15, 2019

India to set up third rocket launchpad

Demand for additi­onal launch pads rises as a result of the increa­se in the number of satell­ite launch­es from India

December 15, 2019

First-ever traditional Chinese medicine against bronchitis to enter Pakistan

The tradit­ional Chines­e medici­ne has passed a one-year trial agains­t a compet­itor antibi­otic drug

December 15, 2019