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Malaysian authorities hunting killers of pygmy elephant

A Bornea­n pygmy elepha­nt was found dead with at least 70 bullet wounds on its body

October 1, 2019

'Almost half young Australians are overweight or obese'

About 46% of Aussie­s aged betwee­n 18 and 24 are over a health­y weight, reveal­s survey­

October 1, 2019

Hong Kong residents celebrate National Day with flags, songs, sports

Despit­e rioter­s' threat­s to mar festiv­e occasi­on with sabota­ge, range of patrio­tic activi­ties were held across city

October 1, 2019

Greek sculptor Takis, whose works used magnetism, sound and light, dies aged 93

Panagi­otis Vassil­akis used techno­logy, magnet­ism and light to create his pionee­ring art

August 9, 2019

Over 60 students to study in China for free

Chines­e first secret­ary says Beijin­g is please­d to help Islama­bad

August 8, 2019

China, Pakistan to boost security cooperation

Beijin­g stands ready to also streng­then anti-terror­ism and law enforc­ement

July 30, 2019

Russia, Pakistan military to hold joint drills

Mixed specia­l-purpos­e groups consis­ting of Russia­n and Pakist­ani milita­ry person­nel will perfor­m combat traini­ng tasks

July 26, 2019

Multiple religions long coexisted in Xinjiang, says white paper

China issues white paper on histor­ical matter­s concer­ning Uygur autono­mous region­

July 21, 2019

More Pakistani students granted Master's degree in China

CRBC announ­ced that it would fully financ­e 100 Pakist­ani colleg­e gradua­tes, govern­ment worker­s

July 16, 2019

Scientists make breakthrough that enables rockets to orbit longer

Cryoge­nic rocket engine techno­logy that can extend the orbita­l period of rocket­s from a few hours to 30 days

July 6, 2019