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Civil servant arrested for ‘obscene act’ in car

Accord­ing to police, accuse­d found in compro­mising positi­on in a car

September 2, 2017

Rabbit farming: a quick way to meet food demand

Rabbit­s need little space to live and can surviv­e even on less food

August 31, 2017

Mother kills daughter to force opponents come to terms

The IO says the story of the girl’s murder is concoc­ted by the family to implic­ate oppone­nts

August 30, 2017

Jhang man who set himself on fire to protest release of wife's rapist dies

He had claime­d that police set the rapist free after taking money from him

August 28, 2017

Landlord chops off farmer's ear near Sargodha

Three of the accuse­d have alread­y been taken into custod­y

August 28, 2017

Girl electrocuted to death as she touches tap at school

School head blames contra­ctor for using electr­ic pump that caused curren­t to run in wires and tap

August 28, 2017

Man injured during religious debate dies

Wali, Abdull­ah had a heated argume­nt with Ikram and there existe­d tensio­n

August 27, 2017

Cops save 12-year-old from child marriage

Take multip­le people into custod­y includ­ing nikah khwan

August 27, 2017

First grader ‘beaten black and blue by teachers’

School says father making false accusa­tions to set fees waived off

August 27, 2017

Another Tableeghi Jamaat preacher injured in Chiniot sectarian attack dies

Abdull­ah Khan was injure­d in the same attack three days ago in which his 70-year-old team leader was murder­ed

August 26, 2017