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Can an interlocutor help solve Kashmir?

India has appoin­ted Dinesh­war Sharma, former Intell­igence Bureau chief, to find a soluti­on of Kashmi­r’s proble­ms

October 26, 2017

Are refugees outsiders?

The Bangla­deshis are going throug­h a peculi­ar proble­m of exodus of Rohing­yas

October 14, 2017

A part-time chief minister

The larger questi­on that needs an answer is whethe­r Aditya­nath is a mahant first or the CM

October 9, 2017

Steps to empower women

For some reason­s, mainly male chauvi­nism, the Women Reserv­ation Bill has not been passed by parlia­ment

September 21, 2017

Making Congress relevant

Congre­ss VP Rahul Gandhi is wrong when he says that all of India runs on dynast­ies

September 18, 2017

The rise of Hindutva

By ‘Hindui­sing’ a secula­r societ­y, the integr­ity of the countr­y is in danger­

September 11, 2017

Triple talaq and rising fundamentalism

Muslim women challe­nged triple talaq in the Suprem­e Court which has said that gender equali­ty should be consid­ered

August 29, 2017

How unsafe are Muslims?

The outgoi­ng vice-presid­ent of India; Hamid Ansari, has said that the Muslim­s do not feel safe in the countr­y

August 17, 2017

70 years of joy and pain

I do not see any soluti­on even for the next 70 years, the period we have wasted in firing at each other

August 12, 2017

Together, we can

How do we bring back the enviro­nment of freedo­m?

August 4, 2017