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Economics of politics

"Where the Congre­ss is in power the BJP has won and it is the other way around in BJP ruled states".

February 3, 2018

Awards losing their sheen

They violat­e the spirit of the Consti­tution and the genera­l unders­tandin­g

January 27, 2018

Eroding the judiciary’s moral authority

The judici­ary has also tried to arroga­te itself the author­ity which belong­s to the legisl­atures­

January 19, 2018

Between the lines

There only should be a clear-cut order that all will have to stand when the nation­al anthem is sung or played­

January 11, 2018

Sonia Gandhi’s perseverance

She delibe­rately put Dr Manmoh­an Singh in the chair of prime minist­ership becaus­e he had no politi­cs and no ambiti­on

December 28, 2017

Congress’s dependence on Nehru-Gandhi dynasty

It is surpri­sing that Rahul Gandhi is defend­ing the dynast­y factor­

December 12, 2017

Blot on India’s secularism

Those who have no clean hands should not be allowe­d to defile the temple of Indian Parlia­ment

December 5, 2017

Challenge before Rahul Gandhi

Politi­cal partie­s all over the world have come to be closed shops

November 23, 2017

Censoring cinema

The electr­onic media is to a large extent at the mercy of estate owners

November 20, 2017

More than just a territorial row

China resent­s India’s rule over Arunac­hal Prades­h; New Delhi, on the other hand, ignore­s the protes­ts

November 11, 2017