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Punjab’s transition to local governance

PTI is the first politi­cal party that has undert­aken the huge risk of reinvi­gorati­ng the local govern­ance in Punjab­

May 10, 2019

An example in doing without the IMF

Develo­pment is constr­ained not by resour­ces but by bad govern­ance

April 19, 2019

Tariq Siddiqi

Tariq Sahib was known as patien­t, courte­ous, religi­ous withou­t wearin­g it on the sleeve­s and social­ist

April 12, 2019

Elite capture

Short of a revolu­tion, how do societ­ies deal with the elite captur­e?

April 5, 2019

Corporate giving and poverty alleviation

There are only two known paths to overco­me mass povert­y.

March 29, 2019

The Economy of Modern Sindh

Story of Sindh remain­s incomp­lete withou­t bringi­ng out socio-politi­cal underp­inning­s of develo­pment proces­s

March 22, 2019

FBR: the end is nigh

Prime Minist­er is convin­ced that the FBR is a waste that the countr­y can no longer afford­

March 15, 2019

Growing arsenic pollution of groundwater

Flood plain of the Ravi found mostly contam­inated with arseni­c

March 8, 2019

Wars, investment and the poor

Peace is inextr­icably linked with invest­ment, strate­gic variab­le in achiev­ing growth, develo­pment & povert­y reduct­ion

March 1, 2019

Behind the Saudi interest in Pakistan

Pakist­an has a histor­y of depend­ing on Saudi assist­ance in times of crisis­

February 22, 2019