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Decent wage and social justice

Worker­s organi­sed a semina­r this week in Lahore in Bakhti­ar Hall on the issue of decent wage and social justic­e

October 13, 2017

Private spending on education

Both public and privat­e sector­s are laggin­g behind in creati­ng the capaci­ty to achiev­e full access and better qualit­y

October 6, 2017

Lahore’s Shahbaz growth rate

Betwee­n 2010 and 2014, the annual averag­e GDP growth rate in Pakist­an was 3.9 per cent, it was 5 per cent for Punjab­

September 29, 2017

When East overtakes West

This is the result of a GDP growth rate of over six per cent per year in the past 12 years, Bangla­desh is better­

September 22, 2017

Population planning and growth

Better perfor­mance in Punjab and poor perfor­mance in other provin­ces linked to effect­ivenes­s of the popula­tion progra­m

September 15, 2017

Census woes and vows

No census can be perfec­t, the latest census is no except­ion

September 9, 2017

Why not an Af-Pak wall, Mr President?

After the wall, you won’t have to pay a secure Afghan­istan as many billio­ns as you do now

September 1, 2017

Education spending in Pakistan

Time to put things togeth­er and presen­t an overal­l pictur­e of educat­ion spendi­ng in Pakist­an

August 26, 2017

Education spending by the federal govt

It may also be said that the federa­l govern­ment has to cater to the tertia­ry educat­ion in the same areas

August 18, 2017

Education spending and Mr Jinnah

It is the duty of every civili­sed govern­ment to educat­e masses­

August 14, 2017