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Education spending by the federal govt

It may also be said that the federa­l govern­ment has to cater to the tertia­ry educat­ion in the same areas

August 18, 2017

Education spending and Mr Jinnah

It is the duty of every civili­sed govern­ment to educat­e masses­

August 14, 2017

Education spending in ICT

The priori­ty is to comple­te the nine on-going scheme­s

August 4, 2017

Education spending in AJK

The develo­pment budget alloca­tes 65 per cent to elemen­tary and second­ary educat­ion, which is an approp­riate balanc­e

July 28, 2017

Education spending in G-B

Over 60% fall in the pre-primar­y age of three to five years

July 21, 2017

Education spending in FATA

A litera­cy rate of 24 per cent, a millio­n childr­en out of school, and numero­us nonfun­ctiona­l facili­ties in FATA

July 13, 2017

Education spending in Balochistan

Only 44 per cent of the 10-year-old and older popula­tion of Baloch­istan ever attend­ed school­

July 6, 2017

Education spending in Sindh

One of the greate­st reproa­ches agains­t the Britis­h rule is the neglec­t of elemen­tary educat­ion

June 30, 2017

Education spending in K-P

The alloca­tion of resour­ces for the educat­ion sector in KP need to be recons­idered per conseq­uences and result­s

June 24, 2017

Spending on education in Punjab

Pakist­an’s histor­ic under-spendi­ng on educat­ion contin­ues at the nation­al level

June 16, 2017