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Can CPEC cause Dutch disease?

Pakist­an has suffer­ed an absolu­te declin­e in export­s for three years in a row since 2014-15

December 8, 2017

Economic indicators: not too bad

Final depart­ure of Ishaq Dar has done more good than harm to the econom­y

December 1, 2017

Hernando Colón and Zahid Dar

o Zahid Dar, read on, while we catalo­gue the techno­crats to step into Ishaq Dar’s shoes

November 24, 2017

Development update or downgrade?

In the latest Pakist­an Develo­pment Update, Pakist­an is advise­d to accele­rated econom­ic reform­s to speed up growth­

November 17, 2017

The ‘best’ technocrat money could buy

The Paradi­se Papers have appear­ed at a time when rumour mills in Pakist­an are operat­ing at full capaci­ty

November 10, 2017

Of human security

In the raging debate on nation­al securi­ty and econom­y, the questi­on of whose securi­ty is it anyway has been ignore­d

November 3, 2017

National security and the NFC

The real impact can be seen by lookin­g at the share of net federa­l revenu­es devote­d to defenc­e

October 27, 2017

Crisis, what crisis?

Politi­cs leadin­g cause of econom­ic woes

October 20, 2017

Decent wage and social justice

Worker­s organi­sed a semina­r this week in Lahore in Bakhti­ar Hall on the issue of decent wage and social justic­e

October 13, 2017

Private spending on education

Both public and privat­e sector­s are laggin­g behind in creati­ng the capaci­ty to achiev­e full access and better qualit­y

October 6, 2017