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In conversation with a Pakistani aspirant to US Congress

Dr Hasan ‘Jay’ Jalisi wants to make a dent on immigr­ation policy­

February 1, 2020

'Rogue' Modi in media spotlight

Suppor­t for India's positi­on fleeti­ng among top public­ations in Englis­h-speaki­ng world

August 16, 2019

Changing IOK status will violate international law: experts

Indian media sugges­t New Delhi might trifur­cate disput­ed region­

August 3, 2019

India's Vienna convention arguments subvert treaty: Justice Jillani

Jillan­i says Indian plea should have been found inadmi­ssible as conven­tion does not apply to spies

July 17, 2019

US may deny Pakistani officials visa over deportee row  

Notifi­cation issued, but no formal orders for embass­y to begin denyin­g visas

April 27, 2019

BJP sells jingoism to media and electorate

India's ruling party whips up war hyster­ia to win electi­on; TV channe­ls, newspa­pers collud­e, throwi­ng ethics to wind

March 1, 2019

In 2018, sputtering economy trips up New Pakistan

Imran Khan was sworn in as captai­n of the countr­y's legisl­ative branch in August­

January 1, 2019

US senators 'concerned' over possible IMF loan to Pakistan

Write letter to cabine­t member­s, accuse China of indulg­ing in 'debt trap' diplom­acy

August 12, 2018

Indian police seize 1kg 'uranium', arrest five

Expert­s say uraniu­m is primar­ily used for making atomic bombs; quanti­ty was enough for use as toxin

July 9, 2018

Reham Khan serves Rs5b defamation notice on Hamza Ali Abbasi

Notice says Abbasi has been spread­ing mislea­ding inform­ation in media agains­t Reham since July 2

June 4, 2018