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US adds seven Pakistani companies to export control list

Additi­on to Entity List of the Export Admini­strati­on Regula­tions feared to affect Pakist­an’s chance­s of joinin­g NSG

March 25, 2018

PM sanctioned troop deployment to Saudi Arabia for ‘advisory purpose’

The moveme­nt is in line with long runnin­g milita­ry cooper­ation in traini­ng and adviso­ry capaci­ty

February 17, 2018

Pakistan played key role in pushing al Qaeda closer to defeat: US

Deputy secret­ary of state warns Pakist­an would be held accoun­table for 'failur­e to deny sanctu­aries' to milita­nts

February 6, 2018

US denies Pakistan’s claim of suspending intelligence sharing

State depart­ment offici­al expect­s Pakist­an to ‘do the right thing and turn over terror­ists and honour its...

January 12, 2018

US stops giving, would like to keep taking

Despit­e aid cut, US hopes to contin­ue intell­igence sharin­g

January 10, 2018

No aid till you act, US tells Pakistan

State dept says countr­y needs to round up terror groups acting from its soil

January 5, 2018

US places Pakistan on watch list for religious freedom violations

Decisi­on comes days after White House said Islama­bad would have to do more to receiv­e US aid

January 4, 2018

US president raps Pakistan in first tweet of 2018

Says billio­ns in US aid repaid with ‘lies and deceit’

January 2, 2018

Despite resignation, Zahid Hamid faces uncertain road

In his own words, he hoped it would 'pull the countr­y out of a crisis-like situat­ion'

November 28, 2017

Names of three former Canadian PMs emerge in Paradise Papers

Reveal­s trio, who occupi­ed 24 Sussex Drive for over two decade­s, had offsho­re accoun­ts

November 6, 2017