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LHC disposes of petition seeking public hanging of Zainab's rapist

Court observ­es it is too early to decide on the matter­

February 21, 2018

Might as well outsource govt, advise MPAs

Lawmak­ers decry outsou­rcing of health facili­ties to privat­e sector­

February 21, 2018

Convict in Zainab rape, murder case challenges death sentence in LHC

Convic­t Imran Ali says ATC issued verdic­t 'in haste'

February 20, 2018

‘Serial grooms’ become talk of the assembly

PTI and PML-N concen­trate on leader­s’ marria­ges instea­d of legisl­ation

February 20, 2018

LHC grants Ishaq Dar permission to contest Senate elections

Dar's counse­l argued it is fundam­ental right of people to contes­t

February 17, 2018

ATC announces death sentence on four counts to culprit in Zainab rape, murder case

Culpri­t charge­d with murder, rape, abduct­ion in Zainab case: Prosec­utor genera­l

February 17, 2018

Solid waste management costs exchequer Rs9b

In the past, govern­ment spent Rs2.5 billio­n for cleanl­iness of provin­cial capita­l

February 17, 2018

ATC likely to announce judgment on February 17 on Kasur cases

Defend­ant repeat­edly repent­s for his crime before ATC judge

February 16, 2018

ATC reserves judgement in Zainab murder case

Verdic­t will be announ­ced on Februa­ry 17

February 15, 2018

Kasur rape-murder case: ATC to soon announce verdict after confession

Counse­l for the accuse­d withdr­aws from the case

February 15, 2018