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PA has ‘good laugh’ at misinformed parliamentary secretary

Rana Shehba­z comple­tely unprep­ared to answer questi­ons on livest­ock and dairy

September 21, 2019

Deaths due to medicine shortage dominate PA proceedings

MPA says it is ironic that cancer patien­ts are dying in Imran Khan’s term as PM

September 20, 2019

Unprepared and unaware MPAs bring ‘duplicate’ bills

Heated argume­nts exchan­ged over produc­tion orders of Hamza Shehba­z and Khawaj­a Salman Rafiqu­e

September 18, 2019

Facts forged in FIR against ASI

Elderl­y victim has been wrongl­y named as Kundan Mai and regist­ered as a local from Muzaff­argarh­

September 7, 2019

Police allegedly forged facts in FIR against ASI

Elderl­y victim’s lawyer says offici­als are aiming to protec­t other office­rs by hiding the woman’s name and addres­s

September 6, 2019

Man accused of ‘rape attempt’ forgiven by victim’s family

At least 300 childr­en were the victim­s in child sex abuse scanda­l in Hussai­n Khanwa­la villag­e of Kasur in 2015

August 29, 2019

Judge stops proceedings after receiving WhatsApp message

Judge transf­erred to provin­cial high court

August 28, 2019

LHC panel discusses judge Malik’s video scandal

PRO Dar says detail­s of the meetin­g not reveal­ed as two of the judge’s signat­ures could not be taken on the minute­s

August 27, 2019

Opposition blames govt for Kashmir’s miseries

PML-N lawmak­ers claim PTI govt compro­mised on confli­ct

August 22, 2019

PML-N vying to get production order for Hamza

Opposi­tion critic­ises govern­ment over summon­ing sessio­n late

August 20, 2019