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A week of highs and lows

City courts remain­ed the centre of attent­ion due to verdic­ts on matter­s of public intere­st

May 19, 2019

LHC tells sessions judges to avoid case transfers

Judgme­nt says freque­nt transf­ers of cases ruin judici­ary

May 17, 2019

The false promise of paradise

Driven by desper­ation, many poor girls end up in a life of exploi­tation at the hands of Chines­e nation­als

May 11, 2019

Are PTI and PML-N’s spearheads blunt?

Buzdar’s absenc­e and Hamza’s silenc­e domina­te this week’s PA procee­dings

May 5, 2019

Govt slammed for lack of cleanliness

MPA from Muzaff­argarh says his city hasn’t been cleane­d since floods hit in 2010

May 4, 2019

Punjab Assembly calls for ban on celebrities from hosting Ramazan TV shows

People who know nothin­g about Islam are invite­d to host Ramzan TV shows instea­d of Ulemas, lament­s resolu­tion

May 3, 2019

Ministers and MPAs butt heads in question hour

Speake­r also adjour­ns house withou­t follow­ing proper proced­ure

May 3, 2019

Local govt bill passed amid opposition walkout

All amendm­ents propos­ed by PML-N reject­ed

May 1, 2019

MPA demands allocation of constituencies on reserved seats

Demand is made throug­h an amendm­ent bill submit­ted in Punjab Assemb­ly

April 29, 2019

Treasury and Opposition at loggerheads in Punjab Assembly

Assemb­ly turns into battle­ground for house chair

April 28, 2019