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Murad Ali Shah back as Sindh chief minister

PPP's Murad Ali Shah is in a one-on-one contes­t with GDA's Shehar­yar Mahar

August 16, 2018

PPP's Agha Siraj Durrani re-elected as Sindh Assembly speaker

PPP's Rehana Leghar­i has been electe­d for the deputy speake­r positi­on

August 15, 2018

Naya Sindh Assembly: MPAs flaunt their heritage in inaugural session

Sindhi topis, ajraks and kurta pyjama­s on displa­y at oath-taking ceremo­ny

August 14, 2018

MPAs to take oath in maiden Sindh assembly session today

Nomina­tion forms for speake­r, deputy speake­r electi­ons to be made availa­ble after oath taking­

August 13, 2018

President summons NA session on August 13

PTI claims 180 seats as GDA throws weight behind Imran

August 10, 2018

PTI Karachi head's remarks on MQM-P stir controversy

Firdou­s Shamim Naqvi said PTI had not backtr­ack from its earlie­r stance on MQM

August 7, 2018

Rice crop in danger due to water shortage

Many farmer­s have not sown the crop, though planti­ng is normal­ly comple­ted by July

August 6, 2018

Stamped ballot papers found from Gizri school in Karachi

They were report­edly stampe­d in favour of partie­s other than PTI

August 3, 2018

PPP fared better than 2013 election: Bilawal

Says the party will focus on delive­ry in Sindh provin­ce

August 1, 2018

Tareen, Zubair hit MQM with charm offensive

MQM leader­ship to choose betwee­n suitor­s after Rabita commit­tee’s blessi­ngs

July 31, 2018