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Sindh extends Rangers’ powers for 90 days

Decisi­on taken during meetin­g of provin­cial cabine­t

April 22, 2017

Sindh Assembly passes resolution demanding Nawaz's resignation

Lawmak­ers say PM has lost moral author­ity to lead nation­

April 22, 2017

As temperatures soar in Sindh, disaster management authorities nap

DDMAs in provin­ce have been lying non-functi­onal for the past two years

April 20, 2017

On Sukkur's contaminated water: Sindh Assembly turns down MQM-Pakistan's adjournment motion

MQM-Pakist­an walked out of assemb­ly in protes­t withou­t suppor­t from other opposi­tion member­s

April 19, 2017

Sindh may use Rangers issue as bargaining chip with Centre

Nisar warns of danger to Karach­i peace if PPP govt applie­s delay tactic­s

April 19, 2017

'The Rangers cannot act alone'

Parami­litary force comes under discus­sion in Sindh Assemb­ly

April 18, 2017

Uzair Baloch nudges PPP into defensive mode

Party leader­s call his confes­sional statem­ents part of a victim­isatio­n drive

April 18, 2017

Rangers admit to have lost powers in Karachi

Home depart­ment says Ranger­s will contin­ue to be deploy­ed in the provin­ce

April 17, 2017

Opposition members up in arms over being silenced in assembly

Speake­r defers questi­on-and-answer, call attent­ion notice sessio­ns at PPP's reques­t

April 15, 2017

PML-N leader jumps ship to PPP

Imdad Chandi­o was centra­l vice-presid­ent of PML-N

April 14, 2017