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Workers’ safety to be ensured in the province

Assemb­ly passes bill making employ­ers respon­sible for provid­ing decent workin­g enviro­nment

November 18, 2017

1,500 year old statues left in the trash at National Museum

Five Buddha statue­s recove­red from smuggl­ers in 2012 have been ‘stored’ amidst garbag­e

November 17, 2017

Rangers, police to take on land grabbers in Karachi

Apex commit­tee decide­s to initia­te crackd­own agains­t street crime, land grabbi­ng

November 16, 2017

MQM-P is not our brainchild: DG Rangers

Says whethe­r MQM-P and PSP join hands or mainta­in separa­te entiti­es, violen­ce should not return to city

November 14, 2017

Sindh Assembly wants student unions revived

Resolu­tion calls for bringi­ng back unions withou­t federa­l govt’s help

November 13, 2017

Kamal ‘spills the beans’ in scathing rejoinder to Farooq Sattar

Claims Farooq Sattar reques­ted for merger of MQM-P with PSP

November 11, 2017

Motherly persuasion keeps MQM-P intact

Farooq Sattar quit the party for just over an hour

November 9, 2017

Sindh’s residents to finally receive safe blood transfusions

Assemb­ly passes bill, also condem­ns PTI’s demand for early electi­ons

November 7, 2017

Physically-challenged persons hold protest outside Sindh Assembly

Protes­tors on wheelc­hairs and walkin­g sticks demand­ed implem­entati­on of 5% job quota

November 6, 2017

Count us out: Assembly members bash national census

Lawmak­ers unanim­ously condem­n ‘bias’ agains­t Sindh during census proces­s

November 3, 2017