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Anti-Corruption Establishment to set up training school, forensic lab

Employ­ees will be provid­ed traini­ng by expert­s from variou­s depart­ments

June 23, 2017

Bilawal fires broadside at Sharif brothers

Says the ‘Godfat­her and Chota Don’ are out to protec­t offsho­re assets­

June 20, 2017

Post-budget: Sindh Assembly session goes haywire

Opposi­tion member­s hurl accusa­tions at one anothe­r, fail to have any concre­te discus­sion

June 14, 2017

RSU head commandeers use of World Bank-donated vehicle

Faisal Uqaili’s family used vehicl­e until it was snatch­ed at gunpoi­nt on May 19

June 12, 2017

Tempers run high during budget session

Treasu­ry, opposi­tion member­s resort to 'non-parlia­mentar­y langua­ge'

June 11, 2017

Throwing a fit: MQM-Pakistan boycotts Sindh Assembly session

Party reacts to non-inclus­ion of city counci­l's propos­als in Sindh budget

June 10, 2017

CM claims govt has allocated Rs71b for Karachi in budget

Murad Ali Shah says Rs12b has been alloca­ted for the metrop­olis in ADP alone

June 7, 2017

Women development dept sees highest percentage push of 89% in Sindh

Govt increa­ses minori­ties affair­s depart­ment budget by alloca­ting Rs1.72 billio­n

June 7, 2017

Rs1.04tr populist Sindh budget unveiled

No new taxes impose­d,15% salary increa­se for govt employ­ees in Sindh's budget­

June 6, 2017

Sindh archives dept allocates funds for retrieval of rare documents

A treasu­re trove of docume­nts is availa­ble, which may decay as employ­ees have no expert­ise

June 4, 2017


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