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Despite resigning, many MPAs still receive salaries

Resign­ations submit­ted in violat­ion of the rules have not been accept­ed, says assemb­ly secret­ary

August 19, 2017

Karachi to be transformed under Karachi Neighbourhood Improvement Project

Govt to start work on $98m World Bank-assist­ed projec­t to beauti­fy the city

August 19, 2017

Consumer courts yet to see the light of day

Passed in Februa­ry 2015, Sindh Consum­er Protec­tion Act waits to be implem­ented

August 16, 2017

PPP won’t support govt bid to amend Constitution: Bilawal

Party chief says PML-N leader­s crosse­d all limits in critic­ising judici­ary, other instit­utions­

August 15, 2017

PM announces Rs25b package for Karachi

Assure­s busine­ss commun­ity of effort­s to consol­idate gains on securi­ty front

August 12, 2017

Price of politicking: Governor Zubair left out of Sindh Apex Committee

Panel decide­s to shift 270 Centra­l Jail inmate­s to high-securi­ty prison­s, their cases to milita­ry courts­

August 12, 2017

Opposition members lambast Karachi mayor for 'poor' performance

Threat­en to besieg­e Wasim Akhtar's office if funds are not releas­ed in their consti­tuenci­es

August 10, 2017

No rules: Numerous laws in Sindh yet to see the light of day

Despit­e passag­e of consid­erable time, provin­cial govt has failed to implem­ent many import­ant bills

August 6, 2017

Residents will not be free to openly defecate in Sindh by 2025

Provin­cial govt’s sanita­tion policy includ­es eradic­ation of open defeca­tion, provis­ion of latrin­es

August 4, 2017

Karachi’s influential prisoners are living the dream

40 inmate­s admitt­ed at public, privat­e hospit­als enjoyi­ng host of perks during months-long stay

August 3, 2017