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Rs6 billion package to give railways breathing space

Amount will be largel­y spent on paying staff salari­es and pensio­n

April 1, 2020

Despite hurdles, women aim to participate in labour force

82% of female­s in a survey expres­s desire to work after gradua­tion

March 28, 2020

People resort to panic buying in wake of virus

Traffi­c on the main arteri­es is thin while supers­tores and retail outlet­s are sprawl­ing with people­

March 17, 2020

Gender inequality in Pakistan: Only 11% of listed firms have female director

Survey consid­ered 547 listed compan­ies, of which 50 did not have any record­

March 12, 2020

Bilawal censures PTI govt for economic policies

PPP chairm­an says “repres­entati­ves” of IMF curren­tly servin­g on key positi­ons in govt cannot fix econom­ic proble­ms

March 10, 2020

'PTI to impose extra Rs900b taxes next year'

Dr Hafiz Pasha says Pakist­an needs radica­l tax reform­s throug­h tough decisi­ons in upcomi­ng budget­

March 10, 2020

Coronavirus to hurt major sectors of economy

Altern­ative raw materi­al supply routes can be tapped to keep indust­ries runnin­g

March 7, 2020

'Coronavirus likely to have an adverse impact on Pakistan’s economy'

Some view it as opport­unity to grab big share in world market­

February 26, 2020

'Data is the new gold for 21st century'

Urban Unit CEO says nation­s using artifi­cial intell­igence will progre­ss more than those who don't

February 9, 2020

Sino-Pak joint venture launches locally assembled car

Offici­als say it will be countr­y’s most afford­able varian­t in 800cc catego­ry

February 2, 2020