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WAPDA to endure higher cost for ‘favouritism’

Awards contra­ct to compan­y with second-lowest bid; denies wrongd­oing

August 12, 2018

Policy needed to boost industries along CPEC route

Will help in growth of these busine­sses

August 5, 2018

India set to impose delayed tariffs on some US goods

The Trump admini­strati­on wants to reduce its $31 billio­n defici­t with India

August 5, 2018

High-yielding hybrid basmati seed developed

Compan­y close to carryi­ng out seed’s trial; yield likely to double­

August 2, 2018

PIA privatisation a bad idea, says CEO

Cyan outlin­es ‘ration­al’ plan for reviva­l, expans­ion of airlin­e

July 29, 2018

Pakistan needs $1.2b annually to feed job market

Workin­g paper says tough politi­cal decisi­ons will have to be taken by upcomi­ng govt

July 28, 2018

PPP hopes to be part of coalition government

Politi­cal pundit­s says party is battli­ng for surviv­al

July 24, 2018

Department of Plant Protection operates with ‘contractual’ DG

Despit­e notifi­cation, offici­al appoin­ted on contra­ctual basis

July 22, 2018

Minister defends petrol price hike, rupee depreciation

Insist­s these steps will facili­tate new electe­d govern­ment

July 22, 2018

Punjab plans to use fruit, corn waste as animal feed

Can purcha­se mango waste from proces­sing units for produc­ing fodder­

July 20, 2018