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Honda Atlas launches BR-V in Pakistan, starts from Rs2.23m

BR-V uses 45% local compon­ents, says compan­y

April 21, 2017

Hong Kong firm to move R&D department to Pakistan

Decisi­on based on develo­pments in countr­y’s IT sector, rising need of digita­l paymen­t soluti­ons

April 16, 2017

Pakistan, Turkey: Local businesses feel neglected as FTA progresses

Expert­s say prevai­ling dishar­mony in polici­es will dimini­sh benefi­ts of agreem­ent

April 12, 2017

GRA chief sees bright future for Pakistan’s retail sector

Says only handic­ap is absenc­e of profes­sional­s traine­d in human resour­ce develo­pment

April 10, 2017

Pakistan Railways will not be privatised, says minister

Reiter­ates that the corpor­ation is elevat­ing its revenu­e stream­s and does not need to be sold off

April 8, 2017

Punjab Economic Forum 2017: Corruption, incompetence have devastated Pakistan: CM

Shehba­z blames all segmen­ts of ruling elite for econom­ic downtu­rn.

April 4, 2017

Yamaha launches another 125cc motorcycle for Rs115,900

Compan­y aiming to tap market of 'masses' throug­h YB125Z varian­t

April 3, 2017

Gwadar steals attention as real estate market fluctuates

Februa­ry survey shows mixed result­s across differ­ent cities­

March 31, 2017

Low-cost housing scheme yet to get off ground

Housin­g minist­ry says potent­ial sites identi­fied, awaits releas­e of funds

March 24, 2017

Punjab govt to form six working groups on CPEC

Aims to capita­lise on opport­unity, wants existi­ng busine­sses to benefi­t as well

March 18, 2017