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Food security experts shift focus to biotechnology

Say biotec­hnolog­y mitiga­tes advers­e impact­s of climat­e change­

August 20, 2017

myZindagi Striving to Revolutionize Pakistan's Healthcare Sector

Aims to offer servic­es to patien­t servic­es at every step of their journe­y

August 8, 2017

Domestic textile sales outpace exports

Smuggl­ed, import­ed textil­e goods still domina­te Pakist­an’s market­

August 6, 2017

FINCA gears up for digital disbursement solutions

Microf­inance bank is lookin­g to increa­se financ­ial inclus­ion and create strong­er footho­ld in rural locali­ties

July 30, 2017

Following chaos, real estate markets largely stay stable

Many market­s strugg­le in the wake of politi­cal and econom­ic uncert­ainty

July 28, 2017

Railways, drivers’ association deadlock ongoing

Operat­ions still affect­ed in some areas despit­e strike being called off, driver­s awaiti­ng final respon­se 

July 26, 2017

Textile lobbies demand industrial census to resolve problems

Blame uneven tax polici­es, high operat­ing costs for weaken­ing export­s

July 23, 2017

Nine PITB-supported start-ups valued at over $70 million

Exclus­ion from tax net benefi­cial for entrep­reneur­ial cultur­e: Saif

July 21, 2017

Punjab to initiate ‘one-window centres’ to facilitate businesses

Projec­t will bring provin­cial and federa­l servic­es under one roof, ensure easy regist­ration­

July 8, 2017

Pakistani couple seeks to plant seeds of entrepreneurship

Founde­r says idea is to train young minds and divert attent­ion from job-seekin­g mental­ity

July 2, 2017