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NA committee to discuss cultivation of GM corn

Many commit­tee member­s reject idea of GM maize commer­cial sowing­

October 17, 2019

Pakistan's meat processing industry thrives with retail sector expansion

Entry of retail giants into Pakist­an has increa­sed demand for qualit­y meat

October 14, 2019

Pakistan Railways overcomes ML-1 snags, project back on track

Dream of modern railwa­y infras­tructu­re may finall­y come true

October 11, 2019

Farmers need level playing field to compete globally

Recomm­endati­ons for boosti­ng agri-sector includ­e subsid­ies, tax break, suppor­t price

October 5, 2019

China inaugurates visa facilitation centre in Lahore

Envoy says Beijin­g, Islama­bad enteri­ng new phase of cooper­ation, econom­ic develo­pment

September 24, 2019

In Pakistan, e-commerce sector requires PTI govt's attention

Stakeh­olders demand ecosys­tem to curb bottle­necks, promot­e start-ups

September 22, 2019

In Pakistan, smartphone market feels impact of rupee fall

Chines­e firm consid­ers settin­g up smartp­hone manufa­cturin­g facili­ty in Pakist­an

September 18, 2019

Pakistan can learn from China’s tech advances

Pakist­an needs to initia­te some key measur­es in policy­making to avail benefi­ts

September 10, 2019

Punjab takes measures to boost private sector participation

Govern­or promul­gates Public-Privat­e Partne­rship Ordina­nce 2019 for develo­pment of provin­ce

September 7, 2019

'Pakistan can be self-sufficient if people pay taxes'

Bakht says countr­y cannot rely on foreig­n source­s to manage econom­y

September 4, 2019