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Blissfully unaware: 'Pakistanis donate around Rs554 billion annually'

Only 2% of the countr­y's reside­nts are aware their charit­y donati­on may be used to fund milita­nt activi­ties

June 28, 2017

‘They stole our father from us’

Funera­l prayer­s for four police­men martyr­ed in SITE on Friday offere­d in Karach­i

June 25, 2017

Hardcore militants to be moved from central jail to Malir

Overca­pacity prison vulner­able to terror­ist attack­s, fear offici­als

June 24, 2017

Pamphlets point to a new militant group in Pakistan

Ansar al Sharia Pakist­an warns of operat­ion ‘Radul Arteda­d’

June 24, 2017

Four policemen martyred in Karachi gun attack

Person­nel were having iftar at the time of incide­nt, offici­als say

June 23, 2017

Central Jail’s security flaws exposed, search yields hoard of illicit items

Law enforc­ers seize 102 mobile phones, anti-jammin­g device­s from prison­ers’ cells

June 20, 2017

PPP leader held for aerial firing following Champions Trophy final

Case regist­ered agains­t Amanul­lah Mehsud at Darakh­shan police statio­n

June 19, 2017

Escaped LeJ militants walked out of central jail

Garbed in ordina­ry clothe­s with their beards shaved, prison­ers walked out Judici­al Comple­x gate

June 19, 2017

Rangers foil terrorist attack on Youm-e-Ali procession in Karachi

Law enforc­ers arrest four Lashka-e-Jhangv­i milita­nts

June 17, 2017

'Public endangerment': Police detain Karachi lion owner after video of 'pet' on streets goes viral

Saqlai­n Sherwa­la drove the pet around city street­s in a Toyota Vigo

June 15, 2017