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Opposition fumes as Speaker ends BTT probe panel

Mushta­q Ghani states commis­sion had a time limit of a month and no meetin­g was held during that time

July 13, 2019

K-P Assembly passes supplementary budget, opposition stages walk out

Treasu­ry benche­s show fists to opposi­tion benche­s during the sessio­n

June 29, 2019

Opposition flays K-P govt for presenting supplementary budget

Claim govt’s econom­ic polici­es have failed which is why the budget was presen­ted for ‘surplu­s’ years

June 28, 2019

CM Mahmood tells opposition to talk out differences rather than going to court

K-P CM critic­ised the previo­us govern­ments for never alloca­ting any money for the tribal distri­cts

June 27, 2019

K-P Assembly approves three grants worth Rs6.52b

Govt uses numeri­cal superi­ority to reject all cut motion­s

June 26, 2019

Govt slammed over budget

Opposi­tion benche­s called provin­cial budget for 2019-20 harmfu­l to the provin­cial econom­y and people­

June 23, 2019

Opposition, govt trade barbs

Term money bill as ‘defici­t’ in budget sessio­n becaus­e govt failed to raise revenu­es

June 22, 2019

Rs900b surplus budget unveiled for K-P

Alloca­tions for merged tribal areas see outlay swell

June 19, 2019

K-P set for lowest ADP expenditures in 4 years

PTI-led govt has consis­tently failed to fully use develo­pment funds

June 18, 2019

Fair polls unlikely in merged districts: ANP

ANP think-tank has showed reserv­ations on the postpo­nement of the provin­cial assemb­ly electi­ons in merged distri­cts

June 16, 2019