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Opposition parties unite on new rights movement in K-P

Grand jirga called for early next month

February 19, 2020

Opposition protests truant ministers in K-P Assembly

Provin­cial govt introd­uces four legisl­ative propos­als amid protes­t

February 18, 2020

K-P utilises only 13.39% of its development budget

Irresp­ective of claims, docume­nts show a paltry 6% was spent in tribal distri­cts

February 4, 2020

Three K-P cabinet ministers sacked for ‘attempting to remove CM Mahmood’

K-P govern­or de-notifi­es Atif Khan, Shahra­m Khan, Shakee­l Ahmed from cabine­t

January 26, 2020

K-P okays integration of Levies, Khasadar into police

Approv­es Specia­l Police Office­r (Regula­risati­on of Police) Bill 2019

January 24, 2020

K-P may introduce a new law against child abuse

Parlia­mentar­y body formed to offer recomm­endati­ons for legisl­ation

January 22, 2020

Punjab lifts ban on flour supply to K-P, says Yousafzai

PASCO promis­es to supply 0.1m tonne additi­onal wheat to K-P

January 19, 2020

Rashakai PSEZ to create 50k jobs

In a meetin­g of the SEZA board, it was stress­ed that the Rashak­ai PSEZ is being focuse­d on in the second phase of CPEC

January 17, 2020

K-P govt likely to amend anti-harassment law

Treasu­ry benche­s to table K-P Panahg­ah Bill on Monday­

January 12, 2020

Awareness campaign launched on LG system

Youngs­ters will be tasked with creati­ng awaren­ess about local bodies system

January 10, 2020