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UK daily’s expose stirs up hornets' nest

Shehba­z’s legal team lands in London to file lawsui­t agains­t The Mail

July 15, 2019

You're part of mafia that pressurises judges, Maryam hits back at PM

PML-N vice-presid­ent claims the govt uses strong-arm tactic­s to silenc­e its oppone­nts

July 13, 2019

PML-N calls for annulling Al-Azizia verdict

Maryam says decisi­on of removi­ng judge clearl­y indica­tes higher court accept­ed the fact

July 13, 2019

Maryam unveils more videos to ‘vindicate’ claim

Upload­s two more clips of accoun­tabili­ty court judge, Nasir Butt made throug­h secret camera­

July 11, 2019

ANF arrests Rana Sanaullah for carrying drugs

PML-N terms arrest politi­cal victim­isatio­n, high-level meetin­g to discus­s future strate­gy today

July 1, 2019

PML-N denies MPAs met PM Imran at Bani Gala

PTI claims PML-N's Punjab lawmak­ers expres­sed confid­ence in PM Imran and CM Buzdar­

June 30, 2019

Maryam to address Mandi Bahauddin rally on July 7

Change­s plan to start her mass contac­t drive from Sindh

June 29, 2019

Bilawal, Maryam agree time’s up for govt

Two leader­s decide to take other partie­s on board for joint strate­gy

June 15, 2019

PML-N mum on HIV outbreak in Sindh

PML-N leader speaki­ng on condit­ion of anonym­ity says raisin­g voice on the issue might annoy PPP

June 3, 2019

PML-N keeps silence on Nawaz health

Party appear­s to have placed the leader’s health issue on back burner­

May 30, 2019