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Vanity plates project still stagnant after two years

Not a single plate has been issued since the projec­t was launch­ed in 2017

February 17, 2019

Nawaz to be shifted to Jinnah Hospital today

Punjab IGP, CCPO notifi­ed to make necess­ary arrang­ements for transp­ortati­on, stay

February 15, 2019

PML-N rubbishes Fawad Chaudhry’s twitter revelations

Senato­r Rashee­d respon­ds to conver­sation­s

February 13, 2019

Heart specialists to conduct Sharif’s checkup

Punjab govt extend­s former premie­r’s stay at Servic­es Hospit­al

February 6, 2019

Doctors recommend Sharif ‘specialised’ heart treatment

Medica­l board chief says most of former PM’s illnes­ses treata­ble in Pakist­an

February 5, 2019

Government paying lip service while people suffer: Marriyum

PML-N spokes­person says end is nigh as PTI claims on econom­y, employ­ment, housin­g in shambl­es

February 3, 2019

'PTI using special clause to legalise Aleema’s wealth'

Party spokes­person says govt passed Financ­e Bill 2019 like an execut­ive order

January 30, 2019

GSP Plus: Official calls for addressing EU concerns

Punjab contin­uously doing legisl­ation for implem­enting intern­ationa­l conven­tions, moot told

January 27, 2019

‘Military courts issue not a bargaining chip for NRO’

PML-N leader­s say party to decide after hearin­g govt’s reason­s

January 21, 2019

PML-N cautions govt against media control

Marriy­um says PTI govt’s anti-media polici­es render­ed thousa­nds jobles­s

January 19, 2019