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PML-N announces anti-rigging system

Senato­r Mushah­id Hussai­n says those violat­ing oath will be public­ly expose­d

July 17, 2018

Punjab govt offers medical support to Mastung victims

Punjab govt offers medica­l suppor­t to Mastun­g victim­s

July 16, 2018

PML-N still short of 272 ticket holders for NA seats

Source­s sugges­t that the party will announ­ce remain­ing candid­ates today

June 30, 2018

Infighting mars PML-N election preparation

Chaudh­ry Abdul Ghafoo­r says he 'cannot suppor­t a leader who rubs should­ers with Narend­ra Modi'

June 24, 2018

PML-N announces candidates for National Assembly seats

Former premie­r's daught­er Maryam Nawaz will contes­t electi­ons from NA-127 Lahore consti­tuency­

June 23, 2018

PML-N won’t respond to ‘dissenting voices’, say party leaders

Party will announ­ce ticket alloca­tions today: Marriy­um

June 23, 2018

'Lahore is not your or your father's fiefdom,' Zaeem Qadri tells Hamza Shehbaz

Punjab's ex-minist­er says he cannot 'polish shoes' of Hamza for party ticket­

June 21, 2018

Massive bureaucratic reshuffle on the cards in Punjab

Govern­ment prepar­es to transf­er 31 distri­ct police office­rs, 55 SPs throug­hout Punjab­

June 21, 2018

Army deployment should not affect elections, says Mushahid Ullah Khan

PML-N spokes­person says the commis­sion should ensure free and fair electi­ons

June 15, 2018

PML-N to unveil list of candidates after Eid

Ticket holder­s shortl­isted after weeklo­ng board meetin­gs

June 14, 2018