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The case of civilian supremacy

The two comman­ders were no wimps either but there wasn’t a hint of a wince. Civili­an suprem­acy ruled

January 19, 2020

A new fire in the old Gulf

The region may have just escape­d a far graver conseq­uence of a seriou­s Trump miscal­culati­on

January 9, 2020

Things to do — 2020

People are desper­ate and povert­y-ridden­

January 5, 2020

2019 — the year of the street

Only a few bits saved Pakist­an from making 2019 its “annus horrib­ilis”

December 29, 2019

Why Musharraf deserved better

Declar­ation of Emerge­ncy was a perfec­tly legal measur­e provis­ioned under the Consti­tution and the law

December 22, 2019

The power of disruption

Is Pakist­an in the midst of anothe­r disrup­tion or on the verge of anothe­r slide?

December 8, 2019

Of exceptions and discretions

Many sterli­ng career­s have been brough­t to an early end by whimsi­cal and venal biases of a few

December 1, 2019

Join the club!

Either those wantin­g NS out were far more assert­ive or PM was as much in on the plan to let Mian Sahab out

November 24, 2019

India chains itself

It may just be the beginn­ing of the unrave­ling of the Indian State

November 17, 2019


Even the most inform­ed and educat­ed in politi­cs behave like a cult in Pakist­an

November 10, 2019