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Celebrating democracy

There is little left to determ­ine Pakist­an’s place on the vulner­abilit­y index of its contem­porary democr­atic cultur­e

September 18, 2015

’65, fifty years on

We err when we wish to seek victor­y in this war in litera­l terms and convol­ute histor­y to contri­ve one

September 5, 2015

In search of Quaid’s Pakistan

Quaid sought an equita­ble distri­bution of power within united India, but was defeat­ed by the tyrann­y of Hindu majori­ty

August 22, 2015

The farce at Gurdaspur and the war of perceptions

Indian establ­ishmen­t not only follow­s a danger­ous strate­gy, its taking leaf from a book that long lost its releva­nce

August 8, 2015

America’s Iran gamble: On a wing and a prayer

To the Americ­an mind, their best bet is in a regime change or throug­h elevat­ion of younge­r cadres in Irania­n politi­cs

July 25, 2015

It’s the politics, stupid

When corps comman­der, DG Ranger­s, given empowe­rment to deal with crime, step on some politi­cal toes, toes exclai­m foul

July 11, 2015

Karachi’s karma

Ensuri­ng politi­cal consti­tuency of its action­s in Karach­i remain­s critic­al to succes­s of milita­ry, Ranger­s operat­ion

June 26, 2015

Budgeting Pakistan

In choosi­ng infras­tructu­re, commun­icatio­n, energy, govt has chosen its 3 planks of revivi­ng the econom­y

June 13, 2015

The rising shadows of the Islamic State

While elimin­ating any incipi­ent IS presen­ce at home, help fight it as far away from Pakist­an as is possib­le

May 30, 2015

Civil service reform

The DMG, or the civil servic­es as a class, became more politi­cal agents than the servan­ts of the state

May 8, 2015