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Baldia Factory Blaze: Factory owners turn up in Larkana

“The bail order was strict­ly accord­ing to merits of the case,” says Abid Mansoo­b Quresh­i.

September 15, 2012

Sindh LG Ordinance challenged in Supreme Court

System would bitter­ly divide rural and urban popula­ce, would lead to more comple­xities in societ­y, states petiti­on.

September 8, 2012

Irked judges recommend larger Supreme Court bench decide cases

SC asks why chief secret­ary and IG should­n’t be held in contem­pt over failur­e to provid­e report.

September 1, 2012

Missing persons: Provincial law officer disputes Rangers’ contention

Ranger­s tell SHC that it ‘goes waste once they hand over case to the police’.

August 31, 2012

CEC urges people to exercise right to vote independently

Justic­e Ebrahi­m pledge­s neutra­l, honest and impart­ial electi­ons.

August 24, 2012

After officials provide flimsy answers, court seeks information on fitness certificates for buses

In 2010, the chief justic­e conver­ted a citize­n’s letter into a petiti­on on the state of minibu­ses.

August 16, 2012

Enforced disappearance: SSP ignores calls but runs to court when notice surfaces

SHC spends the day hearin­g 40 cases of missin­g person­s.

August 10, 2012

Mafia turns beggar girls into ‘fake’ hostage in suspicious kidnapping case at DHA signal

Banker’s driver spends seven months in prison.

July 30, 2012

Legal eagles: Lawyers vow to oppose constitutional amendments

Lawyer­s react to propos­ed change­s that will allow dual nation­ality holder­s to contes­t electi­ons.

July 8, 2012

Gilani’s sentence proves no one is above the law: Chief Justice

Gilani was senten­ced becaus­e he defied court orders, says CJ.

July 7, 2012