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Chasing peace in Afghanistan

The questi­on is: can the renewe­d push for a peace deal succee­d

December 9, 2019

With Pakistan’s help, Afghan peace talks to restart in Doha

Zalmay Khalil­zad makes surpri­se stopov­er in Kabul to take Afghan govt into confid­ence on Washin­gton’s decisi­on

December 4, 2019

Pakistan, China on charm offensive in Sri Lanka

Quresh­i, State Counci­l Wu Jiangh­ao meet newly electe­d Sri Lankan presid­ent, PM

December 2, 2019

FM in Colombo to extend invite to S Lankan president

Quresh­i to meet his counte­rpart, presid­ent and prime minist­er

December 1, 2019

Govt has itself to blame for SC embarrassment

If the apex court did not show restra­int, the countr­y would have been grappl­ing with a seriou­s consti­tution­al crisis­

November 29, 2019

Govt’s volte-face on extension issue

Third time’s a charm as govt prepar­es fresh summar­y to avoid potent­ial crisis­

November 27, 2019

Cabinet approves new summary to ‘extend’ COAS tenure

Minist­ers amend Army Rules to incorp­orate word ‘extens­ion’

November 26, 2019

Dr Hafeez Shaikh’s sane advice

An econom­ic turnar­ound is not possib­le for Imran Khan as long as he remain­s hostag­e to his flawed narrat­ive

November 25, 2019

Trump thanks Pakistan for release of Taliban hostages

PM in phone conver­sation draws US presid­ent’s attent­ion to situat­ion in IOK

November 21, 2019

Gen Qamar’s ‘reappointment notified on Aug 19’

PM appoin­ts Lt Gen Nadeem Raza as CJCSC

November 21, 2019