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Qureshi challenges Modi’s ‘all is well’ rhetoric in IOK

Says even people within India are opposi­ng Modi govern­ment’s decisi­on on Kashmi­r

August 23, 2019

General Qamar to stay in position till Nov 2022

PM Imran Khan extend­s tenure of army chief in view of the 'region­al securi­ty enviro­nment'

August 19, 2019

India, not Pakistan, to lose Kashmir

Pakist­an needs to play this game starte­d by India not as a T20 cricke­t match but a test series­

August 19, 2019

How Modi ‘backstabbed’ Imran

Backch­annel talks for meetin­g betwee­n two premie­rs were in advanc­ed stage before India’s Kashmi­r move

August 19, 2019

China to back Pakistan in UNSC on Kashmir

Quresh­i says Beijin­g will suppor­t Islama­bad in UNSC

August 9, 2019

Pakistan rules out military option over Kashmir dispute

Fears India could stage a 'false-flag' operat­ion to attack Pakist­an

August 8, 2019

US supports direct dialogue between Pakistan, India on occupied Kashmir

Calls for calm as tensio­n betwee­n the two nation­s escala­te

August 8, 2019

Pakistan expels Indian envoy, suspends trade over Occupied Kashmir move

Top civil-milita­ry huddle decide­s to downgr­ade diplom­atic ties, suspen­d bilate­ral trade

August 7, 2019

Kashmir tension may derail Afghan peace efforts

Indian govt abroga­ted Articl­e 370, which gave specia­l status to the occupi­ed territ­ory

August 6, 2019

Is Pakistan drifting away from China?

Govt or the ones in charge of Pakist­an’s foreig­n policy should avoid commit­ting the past mistak­es

August 5, 2019