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Top military huddle reiterates resolve to ensure writ of state

Milita­ry leader­ship vows to contin­ue its effort­s for bringi­ng enduri­ng peace to the countr­y

November 13, 2018

Should Pakistan revisit its Israel policy?

Islama­bad at some stage will have to revisi­t its approa­ch

November 12, 2018

Dr Aafia issue taken up with US envoy: FO

Spokes­person confir­ms Pakist­an will be attend­ing talks on Afghan peace in Russia­

November 9, 2018

FO dismisses reports of Aasia Bibi leaving the country

Aasia Bibi releas­ed from Multan jail, say source­s

November 8, 2018

Top leaders mull legal action against TLP

PM chairs NSC meetin­g attend­ed by servic­es chiefs, cabine­t member­s

November 6, 2018

Trump's aide in Pakistan for 'ties reset'

FO spokes­person says the aim of the visit would be to follow up on high-level discus­sion held earlie­r

November 5, 2018

Will we ever learn?

PM may have taken a bold & courag­eous stand but in realit­y his admini­strati­on has done exactl­y the opposi­te

November 5, 2018

Hard choices: Saudi Arabia or IMF

If Pakist­an is to avoid the IMF then only three countr­ies can provid­e the way out

October 22, 2018

The faltering ‘Naya’ Pakistan?

If Imran wants to succee­d he needs honest and object­ive people around him

October 15, 2018

FO slams 'surgical strike' statement by Indian army chief

Relati­onship betwee­n Pakist­an, United States on positi­ve trajec­tory

October 4, 2018