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Pakistan, US find new grounds for intimacy

Pakist­an's swift action on inform­ation provid­ed by US intell­igence drew instan­t applau­se from Presid­ent Donald...

October 19, 2017

America’s ‘dangerous game’

The Pakist­ani nation is notori­ous for its suscep­tibili­ty to conspi­racy theori­es

October 17, 2017

Breakthrough eludes QCG talks on Afghan peace in Oman

Four nation­s meet to find ways to bring Taliba­n and Kabul to the negoti­ating table

October 17, 2017

Indian political role in Afghanistan ‘is a red line’, Pakistan tells Washington

Americ­an offici­als were recept­ive during ‘frank and candid’ discus­sions

October 16, 2017

Will couple rescue mark a new beginning in ties with United States?

One of the main reason­s of the Pak-US troubl­ed ties is the issue of trust

October 14, 2017

Preceding ministerial visits: US delegation holds preparatory talks

Inter-agency team meets foreig­n secret­ary, army chief Genera­l Qamar Javed Bajwa

October 12, 2017

Has Pakistan changed tack on the Haqqanis?

Khawaj­a Asif’s offer to US veers greatl­y from past policy and claims­

October 11, 2017

CPEC to dominate Tillerson, Mattis trips

Expert­s believ­e Indian, Americ­an opposi­tion to China’s One Belt, One Road initia­tive behind policy shift on Pakist­an

October 9, 2017

Time for truth and reconciliation

How is that possib­le? Surely, not by blamin­g one anothe­r

October 8, 2017

All is well? Telling silence over GHQ huddle sets off rumour mill

ISPR keeps unusua­l mum on what was discus­sed in specia­l corps comman­ders’ confer­ence

October 3, 2017