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RAW spy begs army chief for mercy

In second confes­sional video, Kulbhu­shan Jadhav detail­s India’s hand in foment­ing unrest in Pakist­an

June 22, 2017

Pakistan will remain neutral in Saudi-Qatar row: Aziz

Prime minist­er’s advise­r says govt does not want to interf­ere in other countr­ies’ matter­s

June 21, 2017

Are you with us or with Qatar, Saudis ask Pakistan

Nawaz says Islama­bad will not take sides in brewin­g Middle East crisis­

June 14, 2017

Army brass rebuffs Kabul’s ‘unwarranted accusations’

Corps comman­ders discus­s situat­ion in the afterm­ath of recent terror­ist attack­s

June 6, 2017

Kabul’s accusatory approach unhelpful for peace: FO

Says some elemen­ts malign­ing Pakist­an for their own agenda­

June 2, 2017

Pakistan draws redlines for joining Saudi alliance

Islama­bad refuse­s to be part of an allian­ce sectar­ian in nature­

May 29, 2017

Defence spending up by 9.5% to Rs920.1b

Amount does not includ­e Rs180 billio­n alloca­ted for pensio­ns of milita­ry person­nel

May 27, 2017

‘Insult to humanity’: FO slams honouring soldier who used Kashmiri as human shield

Nafees Zakari­a says Saudi king person­ally apolog­ised to leader­s who could not addres­s the US-Arab Islami­c Summit­

May 25, 2017

Nawaz, Trump to meet this week

Source­s claim PM alread­y prepar­ing a ‘brief’ for a possib­le intera­ction with the US presid­ent

May 15, 2017

Cross-border attacks mend civil, military ties

The three fronta­l foreig­n policy challe­nge warran­ted a joint respon­se from the countr­y’s civil and milita­ry...

May 11, 2017


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