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Pakistan ‘supports SCO's anti-terror efforts’

Foreig­n secret­ary expres­ses desire for greate­r region­al cooper­ation

May 24, 2018

India to attend SCO anti-terror moot in Pakistan

Pakist­an will be hostin­g its first SCO meetin­g

May 22, 2018

Desperate Nawaz Sharif

He wants to be rememb­ered as someon­e punish­ed for his effort­s to assert civili­an suprem­acy

May 21, 2018

NSC condemns Sharif's ‘misleading remarks’ on Mumbai attacks

PM says meetin­g only condem­ned ‘incorr­ect report­ing’; backs Sharif­

May 14, 2018

When US earns praise from terrorists

By shield­ing Khuras­ani from sancti­ons, the US may be sendin­g a messag­e to Pakist­an

May 14, 2018

NSC convened after Sharif stirs new row

Top securi­ty huddle called on army's sugges­tion

May 13, 2018

Pakistan's pivot to Russia

The prompt statem­ent issued by Russia, acknow­ledgin­g Pakist­an’s pivota­l role in fighti­ng terror­ism was signif­icant

May 7, 2018

Pakistan denies any deal with US to hand over doctor who helped track Bin Laden

Says decisi­on to move Shakee­l Afridi to Adiala jail was taken by interi­or minist­ry

May 3, 2018

Pakistan offers Russia ‘strategic partnership’ for the first time

Move seen as a clear shift in Pakist­an’s approa­ch in diplom­acy

May 2, 2018

Army has done its job in tribal areas: PM

Says now local admini­strati­on should play its role to mainta­in peace

April 30, 2018