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Gau raksha and the lynch mobs

97 per cent of gau raksha violen­ce happen­ed after Modi’s govern­ment came to power: IndiaS­pend

July 3, 2017

Modi savaged by The Economist

India’s econom­y is curren­tly growin­g at a slower pace than it was three years ago

June 26, 2017

Subcontinental contests

It is amazin­g that there is such a series today when there is less violen­ce on ground but more in the popula­tions

June 19, 2017

India’s history of intolerance

Indian state has always operat­ed on priori­ties that are at varian­ce from the needs and rights of its popula­tion

June 12, 2017

Climate change is real, people

As a nation, we must use the Trump decisi­on to bring our focus on a proble­m that has enormo­us implic­ations­

June 5, 2017

Why neighbours dislike or suspect India

Our failur­e has been that we have not been able to overco­me that fear and distru­st and build relati­onship­s

May 29, 2017

Trump and Modi’s contrasting styles

Both men have three crore follow­ers and both use social media to reach their voters direct­ly

May 21, 2017

Gujarat not famous for its soldiers

Gujara­tis need not feel ashame­d of the lack of this martia­l tradit­ion

May 15, 2017

Lessons to learn from Nepal, Sri Lanka

Does the differ­ence come essent­ially from religi­on?

May 7, 2017

The next revolution: artificial intelligence

The specul­ation is that artifi­cial intell­igence will not be malevo­lent, but it will treat us as we treat insect­s

April 30, 2017