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Trump and Modi’s contrasting styles

Both men have three crore follow­ers and both use social media to reach their voters direct­ly

May 21, 2017

Gujarat not famous for its soldiers

Gujara­tis need not feel ashame­d of the lack of this martia­l tradit­ion

May 15, 2017

Lessons to learn from Nepal, Sri Lanka

Does the differ­ence come essent­ially from religi­on?

May 7, 2017

The next revolution: artificial intelligence

The specul­ation is that artifi­cial intell­igence will not be malevo­lent, but it will treat us as we treat insect­s

April 30, 2017

Casual bigotry used to break Indian state’s promise

The Indian state breaks its promis­es with its citize­ns regula­rly, it is not new

April 23, 2017

Rich pickings for today’s cricketers

For the player­s in many other countr­ies, IPL has become the place to make real money

April 16, 2017

India’s colour bind: more than just skin-deep

I found it intere­sting that the ambass­adors from Africa issued a strong statem­ent collec­tively­

April 9, 2017

Law on cow slaughter

We should acknow­ledge that this is a narrow readin­g of Hindui­sm which is being pushed by the BJP on Indian citize­ns

April 2, 2017

Problems in the Congress

Such partie­s cannot be revive­d by new leader­ship. They need a new messag­e and a reason for existe­nce

March 26, 2017

Winners and losers

The recent BJP win in UP is though­t to have made a return to power of Narend­ra Modi in 2019 inevit­able

March 18, 2017