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Showers in smog-hit Punjab likely next week

But PMD sees less than normal rains in ongoin­g month

November 8, 2017

Air pollution in Punjab is 20 times the safe limit

Expert­s advise govt to declar­e ‘pollut­ion emerge­ncy’ in the provin­ce

November 7, 2017

Mideast, not India, is to blame for Punjab smog

Expert­s say main source of smog in Pakist­an is trans-bounda­ry pollut­ion origin­ating from Middle Easter­n countr­ies

November 5, 2017

Indian man’s 'sixth sense' earthquake prediction sets off alarm bells in Pakistan

Top intell­igence agency has purpor­tedly warned ERRA of an underw­ater earthq­uake in the Indian Ocean

November 4, 2017

National nutrition survey on the cards

Assess­ment of water sample­s will also be done for the first time

November 4, 2017

NHA ‘saved govt billions of rupees’

AGP report acknow­ledges transp­arency in award of contra­cts, NHA chairm­an tells PAC sub-commit­tee

November 4, 2017

NHC approves budget estimates and discusses future plans

Around Rs320 billio­n were alloca­ted for year 2017-18 under Public Sector Develo­pment Progra­m

November 3, 2017

Pakistan dumps water worth $22 billion into the sea every year

Warns that out of 43 lakes in Pakist­an, levels of 26 have droppe­d drasti­cally in past few years

November 3, 2017

Urgent surgeries on hold as Zakat funds not released

Summar­y for releas­e of funds to provin­ces pendin­g with PM House since July

November 2, 2017

Persistent dry weather set to turn Punjab smoggy

PMD lacks proper equipm­ent to make precis­e predic­tions about pollut­ants and result­ing smog

October 31, 2017