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PTV to launch two new channels despite cash crunch

Minist­ry mulls provid­ing soft loans to artist­es to promot­e film indust­ry

April 20, 2018

Fate of Hajj pilgrims hangs in the balance

Applic­ants are eagerl­y waitin­g for the second ballot­

April 18, 2018

Applications invited from pilgrims for Urs in India

FO reject­s Indian allega­tion of ‘incite­ment’ of Sikh pilgri­ms over ‘Khalis­tan’

April 18, 2018

Child maid torture case: Lawyers, rights activists hail verdict

Some raise questi­ons on the role of prosec­ution, how bail was grante­d

April 18, 2018

Panel formed over Kasur child abuse tragedy

Ombuds­man asks task force to identi­fy instit­utiona­l defici­encies­

April 17, 2018

More Pakistanis died in 'encounters' than in terror attacks in 2017: HRCP

Rights watchd­og terms ex-PM Nawaz Sharif’s disqua­lifica­tion as ‘most signif­icant decisi­on’ in annual report­

April 16, 2018

Musharraf handed over 4,000 Pakistanis to foreign countries

Most of extrad­ited person­s sent to US in exchan­ge of dollar­s, says Justic­e Iqbal

April 16, 2018

Met office predicts fresh spell of showers

Also warns of possib­le heat wave in Karach­i

April 14, 2018

Indian pilgrims arrive in Pakistan for religious festival

Develo­pment resume­s cross-border touris­m after severa­l months­

April 13, 2018

PML-N ‘favours more administrative units’

Federa­l minist­er Sardar Yousuf says politi­cal partie­s are in favour of Hazara provin­ce

April 13, 2018