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10% increase in child abuse cases in Pakistan

Report reveal­s over 4,000 childr­en were sexual­ly abused in 2016

March 22, 2017

Less than 8% of urban waste water is treated in Pakistan, says report

Irriga­tion offici­al says usage of sewera­ge water for irriga­tion goes unnoti­ced in the countr­y

March 22, 2017

Roundtable: Call to implement child-specific laws

Speake­rs say child labour­ers and street childr­en at can be seen in every corner of capita­l

March 21, 2017

Police recover another tortured child maid

Suspec­ts releas­ed on bail; child sent to crisis centre­

March 19, 2017

Water levels at Mangla, Tarbela at lowest points in a decade

Load sheddi­ng may increa­se due to curren­t water level

March 18, 2017

Pakistan to get warmer next week

The impact of climat­e change on Pakist­an is gettin­g strong­er every year

March 17, 2017

Torturing minors: Senate report suggests action against police officials

Functi­onal commit­tee on human rights recomm­ends lodgin­g FIR

March 16, 2017

NHA give approval for work on Yakmach-Kharan Road in Balochsitan

The projec­t will link Chagai with Gawdar in order to boost trade and other econom­ic activi­ties in the region­

March 15, 2017

HIV/AIDS cases post an uptick in Pakistan

Report of the health minist­ry shows a sharp rise in the preval­ence rate of the deadly diseas­e from 2005

March 15, 2017

23% population still defecates in the open, says report

WSCC countr­y coordi­nator says improv­ing sanita­tion has never been on the priori­ty list of the govt

March 12, 2017