Stories from Omar Quraishi

  • WikiLeaks: Whither Muslim brotherood?

    Saudi Arabia isn't the only Muslim country that seems to loath Iran. There is UAE, Kuwait and Qatar as well.

  • The horrors of life in Clifton

    Schools that litter, corrupt officials and co-eds that treat my backyard like a trash can. Life in Clifton is a pain!

  • A picture and a new magazine

    As Newsweek Pakistan plans to launch later this month, I wonder, are there enough readers for English newspapers and magazines in the country?

  • Do American soldiers understand Iraq?

    A story in the Middle East report describes US military training material which uses culture as a weapon system. How much do you need to know about your enemy?

  • What went wrong with Airblue ED 202?

    The aircraft must have risen several hundred metres before crashing into the mountainside. Does this not point to possible pilot error or a malfunctioning navigation system?

  • Writing for your audience

    I am a firm believer in the dictum ‘personal is political’ (don’t know who said it and I can’t be bothered to Google it and include the reference here) and even a piece which on the face of it may seem frivolous and magazine-ish, it can still say a lot

  • How do such headlines get through?

    A recent headline in Dawn was 'Man-on-man action and explosions’. Now I’m not exactly a pervert but the first thing to come to my mind is not the A-team.

  • Making editorial pages from scratch

    Most people wouldn’t move from an established newspaper to one that is still several months from publication. For a risk-averse person like myself this was a major move to make - the challenge was to not become a replica of the competition and to try and find new writers.

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