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Govt yet to notify CPEC authority chief

Select­ion proces­s was comple­ted the day govt announ­ced replac­ing Khusro Bakhti­ar with Asad Umar as planni­ng minist­er

November 26, 2019

Pakistan receives $1 billion in hot foreign money

Data shows money mainly invest­ed in govern­ment’s three-month treasu­ry bills

November 26, 2019

LSM growth drops 5.9% in July-September FY20

Highli­ghts concer­ns about furthe­r rise in unempl­oyment and povert­y in the countr­y

November 23, 2019

World Bank restores Pakistan’s budgetary support

May approv­e $500m for fiscal manage­ment

November 22, 2019

Govt decides to review PTCL’s business model

Wants to make teleco­m firm vibran­t; will work to recove­r outsta­nding $800m

November 22, 2019

In Pakistan, bottlenecks hold up $14b foreign loans

PM Imran direct­s econom­ic affair­s minist­ry to give period­ic briefi­ngs on stuck-up projec­ts

November 21, 2019

IMF sees steady signs of economic stability

Staff-level agreem­ent reache­d with Pakist­an for releas­e of $450m second tranch­e on Dec 19

November 9, 2019

LNG supply to continue after plants’ privatisation

Power Divisi­on claims decisi­on will place extra burden of Rs471b on consum­ers

November 9, 2019

191 Pakistani billionaires given tax relief of Rs61.4b

FBR shares financ­ial detail­s with NA panel of data provid­ed by OECD

November 8, 2019

IMF requests Pakistan's parliament to help increase SBP’s autonomy

Calls for legal amendm­ents for automa­ticall­y increa­sing electr­icity prices­

November 7, 2019