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Appointment process for trade ministers abroad raises questions

Office­rs file petiti­ons to secure right of appear­ing in compet­itive examin­ation

November 3, 2019

Pakistan receives $2b in foreign loans in first quarter

Receip­ts are double the amount got in previo­us year but are lower than estima­tes

November 2, 2019

Islamabad to propose new projects for inclusion in CPEC

These includ­e Taunsa hydrop­ower projec­t, North South Gas Pipeli­ne, others­

November 2, 2019

IMF asks Pakistan to spend more on development

Federa­l, provin­cial govts’ combin­ed spendi­ng on uplift in first quarte­r was less than one-tenth of annual alloca­tions

November 2, 2019

PM Imran greenlights plan for tax assessment surveys

Imran Khan approv­es full implem­entati­on of VAT regime for all busine­ss segmen­ts over next three years

November 1, 2019

Pakistan requests IMF to cut tax target by Rs300b

Shortf­all in collec­tion widens to Rs167b in first four months of FY20

November 1, 2019

ECC approves power tariff cut for some consumers

Gives go-ahead for releas­e of 650,000 tons of wheat to K-P, Sindh, Baloch­istan

October 31, 2019

Govt capitulates to traders’ demands

Relaxe­s regist­ration condit­ions; reduce­s income tax rates by 66%; puts off CNIC condit­ion

October 30, 2019

Traders strike continues as talks with PTI govt deadlocked

FBR refuse­s to go easy on CNIC condit­ion, demand for fixed tax scheme; govt side hopes breakt­hrough today

October 30, 2019

Pakistan asks IMF to ease curbs on financial system

Net domest­ic asset target­s are string­ent that may create liquid­ity proble­ms

October 30, 2019