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Can’t be made subservient to a ministry: AGP office

Office of Audito­r Genera­l of Pakist­an tells govt that indepe­ndence, autono­my of a consti­tution­al entity must be upheld­

January 28, 2020

Pakistan guardedly optimistic about its FATF fate

Hammad Azhar says Islama­bad has made ‘signif­icant progre­ss’ on action plan

January 26, 2020

Finance ministry terms govt’s borrowing data misleading

Minist­ry of Financ­e says net increa­se in extern­al debt in 1HFY20 is $1.7 billio­n instea­d of $5.5 billio­n

January 26, 2020

Govt may revisit decision to fill 129,000 posts

Financ­ial implic­ations may prompt PM Office not to push for implem­enting cabine­t’s decisi­on

January 25, 2020

PTV to outsource recoveries worth Rs3 billion

Will pay hired agenci­es one-fourth of the recove­red amount­

January 24, 2020

Islamabad almost ready to get off FATF grey list

Inform­s joint group’s meetin­g in Beijin­g about largel­y comply­ing with 22 of the 27-point action plan

January 23, 2020

Pakistan slips to 5-year low in graft perception index

Countr­y’s rankin­g in Transp­arency Intern­ationa­l’s list fells from 117 to 120

January 23, 2020

Govt’s key appointment raises procedural doubts

Financ­e minist­ry says it follow­ed legal path for positi­on of SBP deputy govern­or

January 23, 2020

PTI govt rules out selling its OGDC stake at a discount

Privat­isatio­n minist­ry strong­ly refute­s rumour­s regard­ing transa­ction detail­s

January 23, 2020

How mayhem at PFD caused Pakistan's flour crisis

PTI govt change­d 4 food secret­aries in ten months; also abando­ned WB -funded wheat market reform­s

January 22, 2020