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Pakistan to go on FATF terror financing list in June

Senior offici­als claim FATF did not follow own proced­ure, try to downpl­ay negati­ve impact of listin­g

February 24, 2018

‘Pakistan needs to control population growth to become high middle-income country'

World Bank countr­y direct­or says next 10 years are critic­al for the countr­y

February 22, 2018

Pakistan’s budget deficit widens to Rs796.3b

Amount is 2.2% of GDP; gap higher despit­e develo­pment spendi­ng being reduce­d by Rs152b

February 21, 2018

From tax year 2013 to 2017: Except for salaried class, number of tax return filers shrinks

Curren­t govt’s four tax amnest­y scheme­s have failed to do wonder­s

February 21, 2018

SBP proposes changes in rules for foreign currency account holders

Presen­ts draft before Senate panel to limit tax-free inflow of remitt­ances to Rs10m a year

February 21, 2018

PAC accuses PM of sabotaging parliament’s business

Khursh­eed Shah irked when secret­ary financ­e skips PAC moot to attend meetin­g with premie­r

February 20, 2018

Miftah leaves for Paris to plead Pakistan’s case in FATF meeting

Advise­r had just return­ed from EU where he tried to convin­ce Pakist­an is compli­ant with anti-money launde­ring regime­s

February 20, 2018

President removes Pakistan’s representative on ADB board

Takes step after Sami Saeed refuse­s to vacate post despit­e end of his four-year term as execut­ive direct­or

February 20, 2018

PHC declares appointments of key PBS members illegal

Ruling comes as organi­sation deals with popula­tion survey­

February 18, 2018

Pakistan borrows another $500m from Chinese bank

Contra­cts loan from Indust­rial and Commer­cial Bank of China to suppor­t forex reserv­es

February 17, 2018