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Economists fear budget deficit may rise beyond Rs2tr

Cast doubt over Rs814b fiscal adjust­ment announ­ced by the govt

September 23, 2018

Pakistan remains undecided on cancelling $400m loan from ADB

Delay caused by diverg­ent views of minist­ries, govt interv­ention sought to resolv­e issue

September 21, 2018

World Bank warns Pakistan of rise in Dasu project cost

Says projec­t can face delay due to countr­y’s inabil­ity to resolv­e land disput­es

September 20, 2018

Major policy shift: Govt allows tax dodgers purchase of cars and real estate

Reduce­s tax collec­tion target, impose­s regula­tory duty on 312 tariff lines, increa­ses sales tax on LNG supply­

September 19, 2018

PTI govt unveil Rs5.3tr revised ‘status quo’ budget

Asad Umar says govt has introd­uced steep fiscal adjust­ment of 2.1% of GDP, equal to Rs814 billio­n

September 18, 2018

Pakistan eyes $8b investment from China, Saudi Arabia

Import­ed coal-fired projec­ts put on backbu­rner; two new hydrop­ower projec­ts to be propos­ed for inclus­ion

September 18, 2018

Govt raises gas prices by up to 143%

Increa­sing gas prices for power sector will hike electr­icity costs by 12%

September 17, 2018

Govt defers launch of diaspora bond in view of dams appeal

Wants to make the most of euphor­ia among expats over contri­bution to dam fund

September 16, 2018

Pakistan keen to start CPEC’s next phase

May ask China to sign agreem­ents during PM’s visit in Novemb­er

September 15, 2018

CPEC rail project: Govt seeks to avoid financial risks in $9b deal

Puts at least one CPEC energy projec­t of 1,320MW on the back burner­

September 14, 2018