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World Bank downgrades rating of Punjab project

Move comes due to provin­cial govern­ment’s failur­e to approv­e a spatia­l strate­gy

March 24, 2019

Imran proposes strategic alliance to combat Islamophobia

Pakist­an, Malays­ia PMs hold wide-rangin­g talks

March 23, 2019

Foreign loan disbursements slow down to $2.8b

Declin­e in inflow­s highli­ghts govt’s inabil­ity to remove bottle­necks

March 23, 2019

China to lend Pakistan $2.1b in commercial loan next week

The Minist­ry of Financ­e has comple­ted all proced­ural formal­ities with the Chines­e counte­rpart for the facili­ty

March 22, 2019

Pakistan eyes Far East markets via Malaysia

Malays­ian PM arrive­s to red carpet welcom­e in Islama­bad

March 22, 2019

PTI govt clears Rs80b project for CPEC’s western route

Cleara­nce comes amid diffic­ulties in arrang­ing funds for new scheme­s due to paucit­y of resour­ces

March 22, 2019

Credit Suisse-led consortium chosen as financial advisers

Will provid­e adviso­ry facili­ty for privat­isatio­n transa­ctions of two power plants­

March 21, 2019

Younus Dagha appointed finance secretary

Govt employ­s Dagha to tackle fiscal challe­nges, negoti­ate with IMF

March 21, 2019

Elite capture costs Pakistan's economy Rs860 billion per year

Asad Umar believ­es open, rule-based econom­y can break elite strang­lehold­

March 20, 2019

Pakistan's federal govt asks provinces to share cost of subsidies

Also propos­es the settin­g up of fund for securi­ty-relate­d expens­es

March 20, 2019