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Caretakers set to splurge Rs3b on shoddy schemes

Will approv­e upgrad­e of JACC in Rs372m; Rs2.6b on increa­sing produc­tion of pulses­

July 15, 2018

Caretaker setup calls CDWP meeting, exceeds mandate

Will approv­e projec­ts costin­g Rs709 billio­n, financ­ially bindin­g future govts

July 14, 2018

Tax amnesty: Investors of dollar-denominated bonds want to trade them at PSX

Seek permis­sion to pledge bonds with banks as collat­eral to take loans

July 13, 2018

Tax amnesty: Hidden assets valued at Rs1.8tr declared

Financ­e minist­ry claims receiv­ing unprec­edente­d respon­se

July 12, 2018

Pakistan’s trade deficit skyrockets to historic high

Despit­e curren­cy devalu­ation, import­s near $61b in FY18

July 12, 2018

Shamshad sees debt growing to 74% of GDP by June 2019

Stress­es need for immedi­ately restri­cting expend­itures, enforc­ing revenu­e mobili­sation plan

July 12, 2018

Finance minister shocked at lack of progress on SEZs

Issues faced by invest­ors have yet to be addres­sed; land acquis­ition proces­s, howeve­r, gets under way

July 11, 2018

Govt debt grew at highest pace during PML-N’s term

Hits record high at Rs23.8 trilli­on with an increa­se of Rs9.4tr over five years

July 10, 2018

Wealthy people seek just 2% tax on hidden assets

Meetin­g, chaire­d by financ­e minist­er to take decisi­on, remain­s inconc­lusive­

July 10, 2018

FBR forcefully withdraws Rs2b from PRA’s bank accounts

Move a desper­ate measur­e to increa­se tax revenu­e for 2017-18

July 6, 2018