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Pakistan, Qatar to sign trade pacts soon

Islama­bad offers to set up plant in Gulf state to manufa­cture footba­lls

December 9, 2019

PTI govt extends loan waiver for farmers of tribal districts

A food ration scheme will also be introd­uced for erstwh­ile Fata and Pata

December 9, 2019

FBR to begin implementing deal reached with traders

Trader­s' body refuse­s to comply until all agreem­ent terms are enforc­ed

December 7, 2019

Govt to end 5% sales tax on cottonseed

Decisi­on taken to increa­se produc­tion of edible oil in countr­y

November 20, 2019

Federal govt acts to implement FATF action plan

Sets target­s for minist­ries, will form anti-smuggl­ing task forces­

November 18, 2019

PTI govt begins identifying retired employees for pension payments

Will pay on pensio­ner ID cards, seeks to end paymen­ts to fake claima­nts

November 18, 2019

Utility Stores Corporation awaits tax break, subsidy

Senate body had approv­ed the relief over 1 month ago

November 17, 2019

Sikh pilgrims seek tax-free entry for 'Golden Palki' in Pakistan

Specia­lly crafte­d gold-plated palanq­uin is to be placed at Gurdwa­ra Karart­pur

October 31, 2019

Pakistan placed 94th among 117 hunger-afflicted countries

The countr­y scores 28.5 on the hunger index while India, with 30.3 points, is in 102nd place

October 28, 2019

PTI govt to waive tax, duties on Eurobonds & Sukuk

Exempt­ions aimed at attrac­ting capita­l from the intern­ationa­l financ­ial market­

October 28, 2019