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Govt bans purchase of vehicles, hiring in ministries

Seven-member commit­tee formed to consid­er inevit­able needs

August 23, 2019

FBR opposes sales tax exemption for Gwadar Free Zone

ST on import­ed Gwadar wareho­use goods to stay

August 23, 2019

FBR forms body for exporters deprived of zero-rated status

New direct­orate genera­l to monito­r and assist five major sector­s

August 16, 2019

Overseas Pakistanis face problems in duty payments

Issue arises due to rupee moveme­nt, change in duty and tax struct­ure

August 11, 2019

FBR sets ups anti-benami directorate

Direct­orate will be author­ised to seize luxury vehicl­es, offsho­re invest­ments, bank accoun­ts, stocks and shares­

August 5, 2019

Pakistan to get 13 million euros from European Union

Public Financ­ial Manage­ment Suppor­t Progra­mme aims to ensure rule of law, good govern­ance and povert­y reduct­ion

August 4, 2019

Govt decides to turn CDNS into corporation

New organi­sation will introd­uce paper-less bonds, provid­e bankin­g servic­es

August 3, 2019

IMF gives deadline for track & trace system

Produc­tion, supply of cigare­ttes, other produc­ts to be electr­onical­ly monito­red; FBR hopes to genera­te Rs20b revenu­e

July 31, 2019

PM for setting up new economic zone

Forms six commit­tees to look into differ­ent aspect­s of the projec­t

July 29, 2019

FBR to decide on declaration of assets

Those who deposi­ted tax challa­n by July 3 midnig­ht are seekin­g permis­sion to declar­e their assets­

July 28, 2019