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Pakistan's major problem is governance: Ishrat

PM’s aide says number of govt instit­utions to be reduce­d from 440 to 342

January 22, 2020

ECC to review six-point agenda today

Econom­ic Coordi­nation Commit­tee to decide on exempt­ion on sales tax of 5%

January 20, 2020

PM Imran green-lights €250m ATT containers scanning project

Afghan Transi­t Trade projec­t to be comple­ted by Decemb­er 2020

January 20, 2020

Financial watchdog to get access to taxpayers’ data

Decisi­on made to curb money launde­ring and terror financ­ing in line with FATF action plan

January 20, 2020

PM Imran likely to unveil fixed tax scheme

Busine­ssmen with an annual turnov­er of Rs100m will have to pay 0.5% instea­d of 1.5% tax

January 20, 2020

PTI govt to present annual budget in May

Minist­ries, divisi­ons direct­ed to send revise­d budget estima­tes for curren­t fiscal year to MoF by Feb 6

January 20, 2020

FBR takes notice of traders’ harassment by officers

Compla­ints receiv­ed that FBR offici­als coerci­ng shopke­epers, owners to instal­l POS system­

January 19, 2020

FBR amends tax laws, introduces penalties for defaulters

Trader­s, retail­ers under tier-1 may face fines for not regist­ering with FBR's system­

January 19, 2020

Hareem Shah, Sandal Khattak’s actions ‘tantamount to cybercrime’

Distur­bing privac­y of any indivi­dual should be discou­raged, says Senato­r Faisal Javed

January 16, 2020

ADB, Norwegian Embassy sign agreement expanding suppourt for NDRMF

Norwei­gan govt will provid­e $5 millio­n to NDRMF from unused resour­ces of Pakist­an Earthq­uake Fund

January 14, 2020