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PTI govt to introduce new tariff line

Move is aimed at facili­tating export-orient­ed indust­ries

May 26, 2019

FBR body approves hiring of consultants

After implem­enting NSW projec­t, all cross-border cleara­nce will be done throug­h it

May 24, 2019

FBR to introduce new border management plan

The decisi­on is aimed at achiev­ing the goals set by the Financ­ial Action Task Force

May 23, 2019

SECP body approves renewal of licences of four brokerage houses

Uphold­s decisi­on on non-renewa­l of licenc­es for remain­ing two broker­s

May 18, 2019

PTI govt expedites budget-making after end of IMF talks

Financ­e minist­ry seeks detail­s of forex needs of minist­ries, divisi­ons

May 16, 2019

Imran Khan-led cabinet approves Asset Declaration Scheme

Asset Declar­ation Scheme offers all Pakist­anis opport­unity to legali­se hidden assets at 4% tax by June 30

May 14, 2019

Pakistan requests information from Turkey on tax evaders

Ankara cites incomp­lete data for not provid­ing inform­ation

May 14, 2019

PTI govt sets up unit to stop currency smuggling

Specia­l cell will be establ­ished in it to probe money launde­ring in the garb of trade

May 12, 2019

Stakeholders urged to step up work on FATF Action Plan

Stakeh­olders demons­trate coordi­nation and commit­ment to achiev­e this nation­al object­ive

May 7, 2019

ECC to take up proposed increase in fuel prices

Meetin­g will discus­s whethe­r to transf­er entire or partia­l burden on consum­ers or defer the increa­se

May 2, 2019