Aamir Liaquat did exactly what we have been doing to Taher Shah

We are being hypocritical of a hypocritical show by a hypocritical host simply because we envy Aamir Liaquat!

Taimour Abdullah July 28, 2013
The notorious Amir Liaquat invited an equally notorious Taher Shah to his Ramazan show, and well, had quite a bit of fun at Taher Shah’s expense on live television. Here’s a video of what he did:


This treatment of Taher Shah has triggered an unpleasant response to Aamir Liaquat and his show; people believe that what he did was absolutely detestable.  According to them,  Shah is also a human being who didn't deserve to be treated with such disrespect - especially on live television.

In other words, Pakistanis are now defending someone they themselves took great pride in ridiculing when the song Eye to Eye was released. See this post for example.

What I find extremely interesting is that although Aamir Liaquat is infamous on many social media platforms for what he has done in the past, he has done nothing out of the ordinary to Taher Shah to create such an unnecessary racket.

Here are a few questions to ponder upon:

What did he do to trigger an entire (Facebook) army to go all out and support Taher Shah? He is someone who was widely ridiculed when Eye to Eye was released in the first place.

How did Aamir Liaquat do anything different from what we did to Taher Shah when his song was released?

Hell, one of the reasons Taher Shah ever got so much attention was because of the amount of fun we made of him; we made him famous and it was because of our collective reactions that we saw him live on national television. Whilst it’s true that Aamir Liaquat making fun of Taher Shah in front of an entire nation is a bit extreme, but the rage that we see on Facebook and other platforms against Aamir Liaquat is purely hypocritical given that we started it!

Photo: Dekh kia raha hai khaega kia? Facebook Page

How can we switch sides so easily against something that all of us were a part of initially and how can we be so quick to judge?

I admit what Aamir Liaquat did with Taher Shah was condemnable to say in the least, yet I cannot see how he is different from any of us who literally created Taher Shah through our own sarcasm. The Facebook world, including all Aamir Liaquat (and Taher Shah) haters out there, are to Taher Shah what Joe Chill was to Batman. What Aamir Liaquat did might have been wrong, but then again, what the nine million Facebook users had been doing all along was wrong too.

Another reason for me to believe that the recent burst of energy against Aamir Liaquat (or rather in favour of Taher Shah) is because we envy Liaquat. Aamir Liaquat is a strong symbol of some of the things that are wrong with our nation. After all the drama that he has been through, he comes on national television every day, feeds a bunch of (pious) people, and makes millions. Aamir Liaquat is living the Pakistani dream and that is why all of us hate him.

Hate to admit it, but its true!

As a friend of mine very aptly put it,
“We are being hypocritical, of a hypocritical show, by a hypocritical host – (a show that is) meant to be about the essence of Ramazan but has the audience basically bullying a singer while a cobra roams around on the floor.”

Exactly my point.
Taimour Abdullah
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Amal | 8 years ago | Reply Well , i agree with u ... the way taher shah was insulted on social media after the release of eye 2 eye was not in a bearable way and thts not a big deal wht Aamir liaquat did to him :/ ... Actually the BEST FACT in ur blog is " What Aamir Liaquat did might have been wrong, but then again, what the nine million Facebook users had been doing all along was wrong too. " and the truTh behiNd all this is that " we envy Aamir liaquat " ... bt our nation crossed limits this year bcz wht thy did 2 AAMIR LIAQUAT during ramazan on fb , they vulgarity thy showed by talking nasty things about his "mother" , his "wife" , his "daughter" : that was extremely ridiculous... Sorry 2 say but the " fb army " is proved themselves CHEAPEST this RAMADAN... * I am a big admirer of Aamir liaquat and that is perhaps because I never confined myself to OTHERS past , i've concern with my OWN !!! i only have concern with what HE IS on-screen , and i feel there iz nothing wrong with it *
Rameez | 8 years ago | Reply Nowadays, when people don't like the work of any artist, the easiest way to show their disliking is through the internet. But on TV, when these artist are called for interview and stuff, they are never ridiculed on face, they are appreciated instead. For example I have watched a number of shows where they invite Meera, who can be mocked pretty easily, but they never make fun of her. P.S. I loved the song, I still listen to it from time to time! :)
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