Hypocrisy and defenders of democracy

Anyone who begins a sentence with, 'I support democracy but' is secretly hoping the generals get back into power.

Nadir Hassan January 24, 2012
Hypocrisy may be the tribute vice pays to virtue but Pakistanis take it too far. Those who have appointed themselves as the defenders of democracy, the protectors of our military or the guardians of an independent judiciary have entered a Bermuda Triangle of political argument, where a black hole sucks in whatever logic once existed in their brains.

Let’s start with Mansoor Ijaz, or rather his critics. Here is the man who sparked off the crisis that threatens to engulf the PPP and so he is obviously an enemy of all that is decent and democratic. As a colourful businessman and self-considered diplomat, he has provided a lot of grist for the liberal crowd but his appearance in a raunchy music video should not have been one of them. Suddenly, all those who wrote earnestly on Veena Malik’s barely-covered breasts have discovered that they are outraged by near nudity. Veena was obviously a symbol of peace and tolerance but how can anyone take Mansoor Ijaz’s allegations seriously when he appears among bikini-clad wrestlers?

Then there are those posing as principled supporters of the Supreme Court as an independent institution to keep a check on the government. This crowd includes Sheikh Rasheed, whose relevance to politics is inversely proportionate to the amount of time he spends on the sets of talk shows.


His current rhetoric is in favour of the Supreme Court but his role has always been as a supporting actor for military interests.

So we have a man who was on the wrong side of two judicial coups – the one launched by Nawaz Sharif against Sajjad Ali Shah’s court in 1997 and Pervez Musharraf’s ouster of Iftikhar Chaudhry’s court in 2007, now pose as a man worried about how the PPP is not duly deferential to the judiciary and how about the military apologists, a gang so patriotic that they will even put aside their self-professed (but obviously fake) love for democracy because they are so worried about how the PPP is selling out this country.

Thus you have the spectacle of those who sat idly by as Musharraf sent Pakistanis to Guantanamo for cash, allowed drone strikes, and was reliant on US aid for fighting their war on terror, now criticise the PPP for doing the same. Their concern for our sovereignty is as fake as their supposed worries about how the PPP is damaging democracy. The only sovereignty they care about is that of the army over the civilians.

Anyone who begins a sentence with, 'I support democracy but' is secretly hoping the generals get back into power where they truly belong. What is most galling about the parade of hypocrites is that there are legitimate reasons to take any one of the positions espoused by these three categories.

Democracy truly is in danger in Pakistan, the independence of the Supreme Court does need to be respected and worrying about the PPP’s governance capabilities should not automatically make you an army stooge. But since the hypocrites tend to be the loudest and least reasonable they end up monopolising the debate.
Nadir Hassan An Islamabad based journalist who tweets at @Nadir_Hassan.
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-ive man | 12 years ago | Reply When the truth is found to be lies The joy within you dies CCR said it all
Muhammad Ali Samo | 12 years ago | Reply Mansoor Ejaz is the test case for Pakistan Military and Civil leadership, USA is waiting to do the right thing or may be the deserving one , because at Istanbul conference Russia, China , Iran and Paksitan agreed to teach some serious lessons to Pentagon. No doubt Pakistani Leadership is the slave , but while talking about Pakistani Nation, we are optimistic for the welfare and developement. Mansoor Ejaz is the change of Foreign policy from both sides(Pakistan and USA). China has influenced Pakistan to sit together with Russia despite what happened in the past. America is concerned what the hell is going on, America is shocked right now as Pakistan was shocked after 9/11. American policies and strategies for Muslim world i think has become outdated. America is trying to blackmail the leaders for to prevent China-Russia Influence in Pakistan. Pakistan Establishment and Civil Society has to review the American interests in the region. America will never ever let us remain in peace and harmony, America is the number one Human Rights Violator. America is the root of terrorism in the Muslim World.Mansoor Ejaz's credibility is zero as a Pakistani Well Wisher, he has always talked and written against ISI and Pak Army. Manzoor as a Witness doesn't looks like a accurate one , he is a conspirator. Memo Commission should not wait for Mansoor Ejaz.
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