Twitter Wars: Sara Taseer VS Fatima Bhutto

The Twitter wars are on! Sara Taseer is in one corner claiming that Fatima Bhutto is not patriotic enough. Fatima strikes out at the President. Good times.

Nadya V August 06, 2010
For those who missed it, Sara Taseer Shoaib (daughter of Governor Punjab, Salman Taseer) let loose a string of Twitter updates slamming Fatima Bhutto for her ‘lack of loyalty’ to Pakistan following the young Bhutto’s appearance on BBC World (and a recent article slamming the current government and President Zardari in particular).

If you thought Governor Taseer had a way with words, Ms Taseer’s point-blank accusations make the Governor’s pokes at Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif look almost tame. Cited case(s) in point:

Sara Taseer’s tweets
Fatima Bhutto on bbc world, abusing Pak again

@fbhutto do you have any loyalty to Pakistan. Is there any forum on which you have not ripped Pakistan to shreds.

@tazeen She @fbhutto is so venomously eloquent. A wolf in sheeps clothing.

As a Pakistani living abroad, i'm always struggling to promote it and then a @fbhutto type traitor shows up.

While I do not like the way Sara Taseer has worded her opinion, I must add: ever since Songs of Blood and Sword came out, Fatima Bhutto just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. As a self-proclaimed journalist, I trust her even less, as her one-point agenda starts to grate on the mind. Take her tweets from this same day:

Fatima Bhutto’s tweets
Protests as Zardari rolls into London -great placards. Have you seen them?

Wow. Just when you thought the guy couldn't get any worse he takes a French Air Force helicopter to go to his chateau as floods rage. Zardari and his chateau

Really, Fatima? You know its a bad day when you have to cite The News as a source to prove your point (especially when you don't have one). You telling me you didn't go to Harrods this week?
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