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An easy ordering process, speedy delivery and a delicious product; Cakeoholic amazed me with its excellent service.

Tazeen Jaffer December 16, 2011
Like most people in Karachi, my friends and I have grown up with only one form of entertainment: eating out. It is the easiest, most readily available and socially acceptable form of entertainment in Pakistan.

From standing in line for hours and trying out a new fast food joint like Hardees, to visiting a hidden gem of an eatery in Saddar, we have done it all and enjoyed it thoroughly too.

Recently, with the rise of social media and websites, the food industry has truly thrived, and many new businesses have come up offering an amazing variety of food. Food is no longer just 'a la carte'; it is now a Facebook page, a tweet or a professional on LinkedIn. With the presence of blogs, groups and other communication mediums, awareness levels have grown considerably and helped these new businesses market themselves online.

We love the advent of new bakeries, mostly run from the kitchen of a hip housewife. Not only are they giving us the unlimited choices that are fast becoming a need, they are also increasingly convenient. Having tried almost of all these treats, one option namely Cakeoholics, made my sweet tooth thank the Almighty for His blessings.

We ordered a cake for Eidul Fitr after a heated debate about the available choices. Humans that we are, we crave for options and then fight over them. From malt to Red Velvet and Choco Lava to Strawberry Delight, we waged a war that would have inspired stock brokers.  Finally coming to our decision, we opted on ordering online, which turned out to be a mega-convenient process. We just filled the Cakeoholic order form on Facebook, got an email confirmation within five minutes and our cake was delivered to our door step the very next day. We were simply amazed; the personal message was on the cake, the delivery was exactly on time and the product looked absolutely perfect. After the cake was cut and served, we got rave reviews from our pleased guests (or their sweet tooth rather) and I could not help but log onto the Cakeoholic Facebook page and give positive feedback.

Cakeoholic's scrumptious Red Velvet cake is truly a tribute to the art of baking.  I was smitten after just viewing the beautiful presentation but it tasted divine too; each bite was so gratifying that if left alone, I would have devoured the entire thing.

In addition to the Red Velvet, I would definitely recommend the Choco Lava cake. It is moist and perfect for a birthday party. Every time I have ordered from Cakeoholic, I have experienced exceptional service; they have not only delivered orders on time, their quality is impeccable. In addition to this, I feel like the cakes are reasonable priced too.

Writing this has brought back all the warm memories that I associate to being a cakeaholic, so I shall head for my fridge now and leave you with some 'food for thought' .
Tazeen Jaffer Tazeen has been working at the Employee Banking Dept in Standard Chartered Bank, Pakistan and is currently doing her MBA from the Institute of Business Management (CBM). She loves to read and write and tweets @saratazeen
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tre | 12 years ago | Reply "I may disagree with your views but I will defend till death your right to say it"-to all haters. Certainly write about a place you loved, I have never heard of Cakeoholic and now I am certainly tempted to try it, will keep it in mind next time I want to order a cake. Having said that, I think these are your friends who are writing comments such as 'brilliant' and 'amazing', even if the cakes are stupendous, your article on it was a quite ordinary, blah and mediocre piece of work. I love cakes so any piece recommending a particular place even without a glowing review would tempt me to try it, but your style of writing is quite immature and a tad boring. please improve.
Cakeoholic | 12 years ago | Reply Thank you for the amazing piece @Tazeen. Love you all for the great support. :)
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